Simon Tatham's quasi-blog

This is a collection of article-length things I've written, organised by date a little like a blog.

Some of the more organised articles in here are also published elsewhere, or linked directly from my main home page, or both. Others only appear here, and resemble blog posts in that they were written at a specific time and aren't kept up to date after that.

Older entries don't have exact dates, because I don't remember exactly when I wrote them. Sorry about that.

Posts by date

2024-05-19Writing commit messages
2023-12-06I hate bubblesort
2023-09-02Stop helping!
2023-09-01Philosophy of coroutines
2023-08-06Writing custom C++20 coroutine systems
2023-07-29Workarounds for C11 _Generic
2023-07-06How to read error messages
2023-06-16Combinatorial coordinates for the aperiodic Spectre tiling
2023-04-10Two algorithms for randomly generating aperiodic tilings
2022-12-03Implementing OpenSSH certificate support in PuTTY
2020-03-24History of PuTTY's development
2019-08-26Writing a soluble-grid generator for Mines
2019-03-27Writing a solver for Net
2019-03-05Porting PuTTY to Windows on Arm
2013-??-??The Descent to C
2012-??-??Metaprogramming custom control structures in C
2004-??-??My Experiences With Subversion
2004-??-??The ‘Simon Tatham Has No Sense Of Smell’ FAQ
2003-??-??Magic Aliases: A Layering Loophole in the Bourne Shell
2000-??-??Coroutines in C
2000-??-??The Infinity Machine
1999-??-??How To Report Bugs Effectively

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