Printing Pictures on the Surface of Polyhedra

Designing a polyhedral model of a badger

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My polyhedral badger model was drawn in much the same way as my previous animal model, Amble the panda. I reused essentially the same processing scripts, and simply substituted a different set of Dia diagram files.

(The face was complicated here. The first image above is superimposed on its reflection to get the same stripes, eye and ear on both sides. However, the highlights in the eyes and nose are asymmetric, so I had to draw the second image, which is not reflected and which contains just those highlights.)

The badger model differed from Amble in that the background is filled in a colour other than the default white. I could probably have hacked up an infrastructure change which made the PostScript picture description retrieve clippath and fill it in the appropriate colour; instead I simply drew an additional Dia diagram containing a set of overlapping polygons which covered a sixth of the sphere, then replicated it six times across the entire sphere, and coloured all the polygons in the same mid-grey.

Also, the badger's nose detail contained stroked rather than filled drawing, for which I had to add another few clauses to the script that processed Dia files, to make it recognise a couple more types of drawing object.


Here's the PDF net of the badger.

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