Lightroom plugin for Tangent control surfaces

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It’s all about speed. If you have a lot of interactive colour correction to do, it’s so much faster to use a hardware panel than it is to use the mouse.

Professional film and video colour graders use hardware control surfaces all the time. Broadcast (video) engineers do something very similar with their CCUs.

This is a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic, which draws heavily on a similar plugin called MIDI2LR but for MIDI controllers.

You can get it from tangent-lightroom on Github.

Update: This project is obsolete! On 1 Apr 2021, Tangent released their own official plugin for Lightroom. It’s included in version 1.7.0 of the Tangent bundle, whish you can get from Tangent support.

The repository lives on, as a place for me to keep my mapping for the Wave: