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Rachel Coleman Finch

Updated 30th April 2014

This page is now out of date. I changed my name back to Rachel Coleman after increasingly feeling unhappy having changed it. My reasoning is outlined in this blog post.


Is it hyphenated?

No, it's a double surname.

Is Tony becoming Coleman Finch or Coleman-Finch too?

No, he is remaining Tony Finch.

What about children?

As and when we have them, they will have the surname Finch.

Is it a professional name?

No. I'm not willing to separate myself into multiple identities, but am remaining one person with one name, in everything I do. When referring to me and Tony, Rachel & Tony Finch, or Mr & Mrs Finch, is simple and correct. For referring to me in my own right, Rachel Coleman Finch, or Mrs Coleman Finch, is correct. I do prefer Rachel - my name - to Mrs or Ms.

Why Coleman Finch?

It's a common American practice for professional women. Think Hillary Rodham Clinton or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It allows people looking for Rachel Coleman to find me, while acknowledging my new family.

Rachel's home page - Coleman Finch