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Waterloo (Merseyside)

Collected date 30/06/13

Waterloo sign

Waterloo station sits on a road bridge over the line. The front of the station building:

Waterloo Merseyside

Although the station lies to the south of the road, to its north a ramp snakes up from platform level under the road and then over one of the tracks to a bus station. Looking north from the bridge at the ramp:

Waterloo from
bridge ramp

The bridge crosses the line:

Waterloo from bridge
looking north

On the bridge, looking south back at the road bridge and station frontage:

Waterloo road bridge

Steps down from road level to platform level:

Waterloo steps down

The side of the steps up to road level:

Waterloo steps side

Looking up from the bottom of the steps:

Waterloo steps up

Detail of the top of one of the columns:

Waterloo column capital

At the bottom of the steps one is funnelled into a shelter in the centre of the single island platform:

Wtaerloo platform

Inside the shelter:

Waterloo inside shelter

The rear of the station buildings from platform level. The tower on the right houses a lift:

Waterloo rear

Looking north under the road bridge:

Waterloo looking north

On platform 1, looking south:

Waterloo platform 1 looking

Looking north under the road bridge:

Waterloo platform 1 looking

On the opposite platform 2, looking south:

Waterloo platform 2 looking

The shelters:

Waterloo shelters

Looking south on the platform at the bike shelter:

Waterloo platform

Looking north back at the rest of the station from the end of the platform:

Waterloo platforms
looking north

Looking south along the line from the end of the platform:

Waterloo looking south