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Collected date 28/05/06

Okehampton sign

Although Okehampton station was closed in 1972, and with it the passenger service from Exeter St Davids, the line between the two was never lifted. On Summer Sundays, Devon County Council charters a direct rail service to Okehampton which then connects with the services of the Dartmoor Railway onwards to Meldon Quarry. This scheduled service to stations not properly on the network confuses the displays at Exeter St Davids no end:

Okehampton confused sign

The front of Okehampton station:

Okehampton entrance Okehampton front

Into the station and its ticket hall:

Okehampton ticket office

The rear of the station building, with the service from Exeter standing at the platform:

Okehampton rear

On the day we arrived the platform (platform 3) was full of small trade stalls:

Okehampton stalls

Looking west along platform 3 under the canopy:

Okehampton platform 3, under

Platform 3 beyond the station building:

Okehampton platform 3

At the western end of platform 3 is the signalbox:

Okehampton signalbox

The rear of the signalbox, seen from the station approach:

Okehampton signalbox rear

A footbridge links platform 3 to platforms 1 and 2 on the other side:

Okehampton footbridge

The entrance to the footbridge from platforms 1 and 2:

Okehampton footbridge

Platforms 1 and 2 can also be accessed by a ramp from the other side of the railway:

Okehampton platforms 1 and 2

Looking east along platforms 1 and 2 at the footbridge:

Okehampton platforms 1 and 2 east

Looking west along platforms 1 and 2:

Okehampton platforms 1 and 2 west

A new canopy was being constructed on platform 2 at the time I visited:

Okehampton platform 2 new

To the south of the station is the old goods shed, now in use as a youth hostel and information centre:

Okehampton youth hostel

One side of the building still has a loading gauge:

Okehampton youth hostel with
loading gauge

Looking east along the line back towards Sampford Courtenay and Crediton:

Okehampton looking east

Looking west along the line towards Meldon Quarry:

Okehampton looking west