Which assassin are you?

Click all appropriate answers and find out which assassin you resemble most.

  1. You arrive at a target's door and the target seems to be in. What do you do?
    I try the door handle.
    I lurk in the corridor.
    I lurk in the toilet.
    I run away. How on earth did I end up outside a target's room?!
    After leaving a bomb on the door I run away.
    After leaving a bomb on the door I knock on the door and hide around a corner.
    I knock on the door and stand directly in front of it with a gun at ready.
    I knock on the door and hide somewhere.
  2. Someone is outside your door and seems to be trying to kill you. What do you do?
    I open the door with a gun in each hand.
    I climb out of the window and reenter the building from an unexpected direction.
    I burst out of an adjacent room.
    I activate the booby-trap on my door and ask him to come in.
    I phone my boyfriend/girlfriend.
    Obviously I just hide in my room and hope the attacker will go away.
    I open the door from behind my massive barricade with a large arsenal of weapons trained at the door.
    I try to snipe at him as he leaves the building.
    I run after him as he leaves.
  3. A new game is about to start and it's time to sort out your alliances...
    Obviously I try to recruit every single person into my mafia that I can get my hands on, it's quantity that matters! And I do have the time to drag them all out so that they make their attempts.
    I ally with the same people I've always been allied with, after all they are really good. It's quality that matters!
    I ally with the same people I've always been allied with, it's not my fault that they are useless.
    Alliances?! I suppose I have a no kill agreement with one or two people.
    I'll ally with all my friends, I just hope I won't too many allies.
    Obviously I once more try to set-up the most powerful mafia ever. This time nothing can stop me! Mwwwuuuhhahhaaa!
    Oh, all these fools! How they will regret ever allying with me, once they feel my knife in their backs! Mwwwwwuuuuhahhahaaaa!
  4. What about being wanted?
    It can happen to anyone, but not usually to me.
    It can happen, in fact it always happens to me after a week or so... Well, it's fun.
    My minions go wanted one after another in order to eliminate my enemies. Obviously I wouldn't get my hands dirty unless absolutely necessary.
    Those innocents jumped directly into my line of fire, honest! I don't know why they always do that.
    I only go wanted when I'm unhappy and/or confused.
    Going wanted in a planned operation is fun!
    Sometimes I might have to go wanted.
  5. It seems like someone is trying to kill you.
    Well, my assassins are supposed to try, aren't they? I carry guns at all times, so I'll wait and see.
    I mustn't use a route which doesn't take at least 5 times as long as the direct route to my destinations, I mustn't take showers in my own college, I mustn't go near my own room more than twice a day and should I suspect that the assassin is actually dangerous I will become *really* paranoid.
    Okay, let's see whether I can kill him. My neighbours might have seen him or he might have been spotted at one of my society events...
    Oh, interesting. Surely it would be unsporting to close my door though.
    I will just try to avoid them somehow.
    Hurrah! There might even be a fight!
  6. What about bombs?
    I love them! There's small ones for pigeon holes, there's normal ones for blowing up someone who opens his door, there's large ones for blowing up whole corridors and there's huge ones, now those are fun!
    Oh, they are fascinating. Just think of all the different kinds of electronic triggers one can build and those clever little booby-traps and...
    Mass production is the way to go!
    They can be effective, particularly those pigeon hole bombs.
    Bombs are just so indirect, I prefer to shoot people.
  7. Which things on the following list have you ever done or might you ever do?
    being a corrupt police officer
    agreeing that an event never happened so that both parties aren't dead
    bribing the umpire
    getting involved in a mafia-war
    shooting people for wearing black coats/looking suspicious/walking through your corridor at night/having or not having a beard
    setting up elaborate false trails and distributing fabricated hints to influence the behaviour of others
    winning a game
    umpire a game
    end up on the inco list
  8. What is your weapon of choice?
    rbg (rubber band gun)
    rpg (rubber pellet gun)
    pellet rifle
    my sharpened tea spoon
  9. How do you dress?
    I wear my black coat so that people can see how evil I am.
    I wear my cliched coat mostly for pub meets and other public events.
    I wear fluffy and colourful clothes.
    I simply wear the same clothes I've been wearing for the last ten years.
    Something with lots of pockets, I need space to store all those guns.
    I believe sports bags are the ultimate fashion statement.
    Black tie/stylish dress, obviously. You've got to kill your targets in style.
    Something long and black, a dressing gown will do.
    I try to look perfectly normal.