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Say NO to software patents in europe

Contact details.

My e-mail address is

About me.

I grew up in near Bolton until I moved to Cambridge(UK) where I did my degree in Physics (well, Natural Sciences) at Churchill College. I liked the place so I stayed in the area, working as a software engineer. Some day I'll get round to writing else something here (maybe).


Here is a list of projects which I am working on and consider useful. If you would like to get involved with these, please let me know.

A Master Boot Record partition manager

This is a copyleft Master Boot Loader for the x86 PC. The most recent source code is available for download. Older versions are available in the archive. Don't miss the screenshots.

An educational computer

The aim of this project is to produce a working computer out of simple components, so that the entire workings of the computer are available to the public. [More detail]