The Alternative Premier League Table

As seen on Sky Sports's Soccer AM!

As this is manually updated it is sometimes out of date. Sorry. If this is out of date see Ian Eiloart's automatically updated version. Thanks Ian! Any others more reliable than mine want a link?

Instead of showing the league table as just a list of names and numbers, this table gives you some idea of the actual points gaps between the teams in the table. Please go to Ian's pages.


Jenny Cann used to maintain this interesting variation on the Premier League table. Her tragic death near the end of the 2002/3 season left the last table with 3 matches to play, at a time when her (and my) beloved Arsenal could still pull it round. They didn't. Jenny left her mark on the internet football community. If you can send me a URL of a tribute site or other memorial let me know and I'll add it here. Her own site ( is now long gone.

There are lots of places to get league tables. My sources include:

The Archive

I have one previous season: the season Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane for the second time: 2003-4. Hopefully over time there may be more.

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Thanks to all who have emailed me. It is nice to know I'm not just doing this for my own benefit! Thanks to John Old for pointing out when Arsenal were safe. Thanks to Jouni from for the pointer to the UEFA qualification details. And thanks to SoccerAM for noticing this and thinking it was worth using.


When the season is a bit more mature then my St Totteringham's day page will be updated. That won't be until January or February though. Last seasons details remain up along with the history back to 1970.

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