Found you. It was dark and we were skins full of ache
and doorways full of ghostly reasons, light splintering
through limbs left ajar, rough walls bounding our horizons.

You opened the door and I walked through. A stranger's hearth
warmed the habitual chill, flushed features we'd thought long
frozen, brought the earth shuddering to a standstill.

A moment's fall : a moment's grace.

You breathed life into dust, wreathed fingertips and tongues
of fire about dry leaves, pages turned. I drew you in, alight
with colour, a night soaked with promises, a candle burned
at both ends.

You tasted of tomorrow and salt water; I remembered how
to drown. You felt nothing of this moment's grace: this
moment's fall, cold wax running down.

You took nothing : I gave you all.

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