Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"

The pianist's pause before falling
through the phrase to that aching note.
The hopeless beauty of the music calling.
A song dying in a hopeless throat.

I split the second in two, find the moment between.
There is room in that painful hovering
for - the cliche springs eternal - all that might have been.
There is a place for us. Where we can sing

a dying song. There is the place
where each moment is our last.
This haunting phrase raises its eyes to your face
and falls so fast.

The needle skims the surface. I have seen
what is underneath. A pain
sung in silence between
two notes, the theme returns again

as I cry for a fictional girl not yet fifteen.
It happens now. It happened then.
Juliet, your song does not mean
anything new. Sing it again.

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