The unofficial oxbridge.tat Frequently Asked Questions List

This is the html version of the unofficial oxbridge.tat FAQ. It is possible to obtain idiot-proof, self-identifying/humourless or thick fuck editions if you squeeze hard enough. These versions have been generated using an opalescent fog of whiny self-righteousness. [Oh no they haven't! - Ed] So far we have figured out how we bothered. We are currently working on why.
  1. Is sorrel a vegetable or a herb?
  2. Is sorrel goth?
  3. Is sorrel SF?
  4. Is "Is this an FAQ" an FAQ?
  5. Is "Is "Is this an FAQ" an FAQ?" SF?
  6. Does "Is "Is "Is this an FAQ" an FAQ?" SF?" self-identify as goth?
  7. I've spotted a mistake in the grammar of FAQ 6. Am I clever?
  8. Does sorrel mean what we think he means to mean?
  9. Economics/social studies/politics, eh?
  10. Should I consider that economics/social studies/politics/law deal with fundamentally unrepeatable situations before reinventing them from scratch based on some half-cock scientific methodology?
  11. What does Asimov say about society?
  12. What are your ten favourite autistic spectrum conditions?
  13. Is SF literature and if not why is it better?
  14. Is literature SF?
  15. Is literature a herb or a vegetable?