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Digital Tradition (an enormous searchable database of folk lyrics)

A fairly indie-biased lyrics database

Other links

The Oysterband website -- no lyrics but lots of other interesting stuff including the band newsletter.

The Cambridge Folk Festival: this takes place every summer, usually late July (this year's is early August). Last year's lineup was superb, including The Levellers, Suzanne Vega, Loudon Wainwright III, Capercaillie and a host of other superb acts. And, of course, no folk festival would be complete without Peter Buckley Hill. No news yet of this year's acts, but watch this space.

Out of a sense of (perhaps misplaced) loyalty I feel I should link to Suede's web site, as I was in their fan club for many years and Liked Them Before They Were Huge. When they still released good singles.

The Jitter Records site is worth a link, too. It's The Next Big Thing.

Oxford University IMSoc stuff

IMSoc, Oxford university's Indie Music Society, is fab and brilliant. (I'm not the best advertisement for it, particularly now that I'm no longer an Oxford student; go read their webpage, linked above.) Being a fantastic society, however, they even let people like me DJ at PANIC. I've only done it twice (fnar) and one of those times was with a friend (double fnar), but you can see the set lists if you want.

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