Here is a place of disaffection / Time before and time after

I seem to spend most of my time shuttling between Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Loughborough (spot the odd one out). This is proving somewhat expensive, although it's doing Railtrack a lot of good.


Why Oxford? My alma mater, obviously; I still have plenty of friends there; and besides, it's a great place. There are just so many good things about Oxford; you don't need me to tell you about all the beautiful buildings or world-renowned centres of learning, or indeed the millions of pubs, so I'll list some of the other delights of Oxford instead:


Why Cambridge? During my last year at Oxford I made lots of friends in Cambridge, so I liked to go and see them occasionally. Eventually I decided I liked it so much I would come and live here, so I got a job at Proquest (formerly Chadwyck-Healey) as an editorial assistant. Now I work for the University, but I think of it as skills transfer rather than apostasy.


Why Loughborough? Well, that's a harder question. It's the nearest big town to Burton on the Wolds, where my parents live. Burton is quite pretty to look at, even if it is a bit too quiet for my liking. My dad works at Loughborough University, and my mum works at Leicester University. Loughborough even managed to keep Owen amused for a year.

Other good things about Loughborough:

Time to go home.