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Easy recipes

These are the simplest cake-recipes I know; I've made them available here so that everybody can try making them and realise that cake-baking isn't as difficult as some people fear. They're my default cake recipes, and I've honestly never had them fail in any way. Enjoy!

All-bran cake

I don't usually do this one for decorating -- it's a super-easy throw-in-the-oven recipe and I usually do it for last-minute picnic panics -- but there's no reason why you can't. Tell people it's made of All-Bran after they tell you how nice it is.

Featherlight sponge

My standard birthday-cake recipe, light and tasty and easy to make.

Christmas cake (by popular demand!)

A vegan fruitcake recipe which my family (though not actually vegan) have always used for Christmas cakes. I tend to make fruitcake when I know the decorating is going to take more than a day, as it doesn't go stale as quickly.