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2009-05-17 Ian Jacksoncut and paste the announcement emails into yoweb-scrape.txt
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksontrack-chat-log shows something if you're not on a vesse...
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonTODO list
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ceb'
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonfixes made by me in ceb's working version
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonoverwriting displayer works
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonabstract away the displayer ready for --display=overwrite
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonMove format_time_interval to top
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonprettify the code a bit
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonshow gunning; bugfix to crew-of
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksontracker seems to work
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonBasics seem to work
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonReorg chat log to make ship aid nice
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonabstract away the progress printing
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonMove some code into ChatLogTracker
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonchat log tracker mostly works
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonchat log tracker mostly seems to work
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonWIP chat tracking
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonWIP ship aid. Currently does not work at all
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonbut prettier like this
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonpirate names limited to 12
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonrandom timeouts for standings table; WIP chat log stuff
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonproper cache max_age propagation
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksontweak timeouts a bit more
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksontweak timeouts
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksontable output works
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonduty table
2009-05-15 Ian Jacksonadd .gitignore
2009-05-15 Ian JacksonCan get crew info
2009-05-15 Ian JacksonWIP fixes and also do entity conversion
2009-05-15 Ian JacksonWIP can find crew and flag
2009-05-15 Ian JacksonWIP before option parser
2009-05-15 Ian JacksonWIP
2009-05-14 Ian JacksonCan fetch