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2009-06-06 Ian JacksonMuch faster
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonbefore do away with xpm
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonconverts to CanonImage
2009-06-06 Ian Jackson"trusting" pager collector - do not confirm lack of...
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonbefore rip out timing stuff and use just minimum snapsh...
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonwip pager - before change to not converting until sure
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonwip fetching images from X
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonmore colours
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonuse // comments for debug #defines
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksoncapital A
2009-06-06 Ian JacksonWIP XTest stuff
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonkeystroke injection attempts
2009-06-05 Ian Jacksonrationalise debugging output
2009-06-05 Ian Jacksonalways start with a blank entry
2009-06-05 Ian Jacksonallow nonexistent charset db
2009-06-05 Ian Jacksonseems to be able to do most scanning
2009-06-05 Ian JacksonSeems to be able to do the whole thing
2009-06-05 Ian Jacksonnew context arrangements
2009-06-04 Ian Jacksonfix space handling
2009-06-04 Ian Jacksoncompatibility version check
2009-06-04 Ian JacksonNew show-thing IPC
2009-06-04 Ian Jacksonwip
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonfix nybbleswap
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonwip. before remove sigstop based thing which is mad
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksondatabase updates seem to work
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonwip fixes to show-thing for reorg
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonmerge changes made accidentally to wrong copy
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonwip show-thing rework
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonwip can invoke show-things.tcl
2009-06-03 Ian JacksonWIP now has most of the ocr parts but does not work yet
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonshow-thing database interaction improved
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonshow-thing is interesting
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonfound
2009-06-02 Ian Jacksonwip ocr found files
2009-06-02 Ian Jacksonwip ocr
2009-06-01 Ian Jacksonfinds cells; now start work on real ocr
2009-06-01 Ian JacksonFont data, initial set
2009-06-01 Ian JacksonCan find each commodity
2009-05-31 Ian JacksonCan find main rectangle
2009-05-31 Ian JacksonWIP ocr
2009-05-31 Ian JacksonSlightly improve the yoweb-scrape usage message 1.0
2009-05-31 Ian JacksonGPLv3 for everything
2009-05-27 Ian Jacksondo not say how many aboard if we are not
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonFix crash bug in ship-aid KeyBasedSorter
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonPrint results for standings-crew-of as we get them
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonDocument ship-aid's `q' key for quit
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonShow sort order in display
2009-05-27 Ian Jacksonship-aid counts the number aboard
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'keyboard'
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonInsert some blank lines to improve readability, includi...
2009-05-27 Ian Jacksonnew option --min-cache-reuse for aggressively reusing...
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonAbility to sort pirates by ability in specific duty...
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into keyboard
2009-05-27 Ian JacksonRecognise Ultimate people
2009-05-26 Ian JacksonKeystroke handling infrastructure
2009-05-26 Ian Jacksonypp-restock-rum: Allow cost[s] and price[s] as cmdline...
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonTODO is a bit redundant now
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonImproved usage message
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonSlightly clearer headings on multi-leg financial table
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonImprovements to financial table
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksonmostly works; before remove pr3
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksonremove parser for ship info from notes file (@-thing)
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksoncan compute profit/loss
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonWIP can compute best
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksoncan normalise prices but it is wrong
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonWIP rum calculations rework
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonypp-restock-rum as found on liberator
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonImprove docs a lot
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonPeriodically refresh pirate info
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonprettier startup output
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonshow last vessel if we aren't on a vessel
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMatch a few more messages
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonDisembark when we take a job
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMassively improved /officer cmd handling
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksona useful feature
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonsome more messages to process
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonflush debugging output before sleeping
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonImprove debug and chat notation for cmd messages
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMake /off /a and /off /d work for vessels other than...
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonChatLogTracker.chatline::disembark takes vessel and...
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonChatLogTracker._onboard_event takes a vessel argument
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonRevamp machinery for lookup up ships in chat log tracker
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonmake --debug-fd work
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonOptionally much more debugging output for chat log...
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksont
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonsome messages to parse
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonManual adjustment of pirates aboard
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMention enabling the chat
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonTreat backwards-going timestamp as a day change. Not...
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonfix grammar
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksoncut and paste the announcement emails into yoweb-scrape.txt
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksontrack-chat-log shows something if you're not on a vesse...
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonTODO list
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ceb'
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonfixes made by me in ceb's working version
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonoverwriting displayer works
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonabstract away the displayer ready for --display=overwrite
2009-05-16 Ian JacksonMove format_time_interval to top
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonprettify the code a bit
2009-05-16 Ian Jacksonshow gunning; bugfix to crew-of