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2009-08-28 Ian JacksonNew All selector as seen on harley 3.3
2009-08-28 Ian JacksonNew paging arrangements:
2009-08-19 Ian JacksonSome notes regarding database corruption fix 3.2
2009-08-19 Ian JacksonActually add unrecognised commodities in email processor
2009-08-19 Ian JacksonPick correct island's stall record for stallid when...
2009-08-19 Ian JacksonTweaks to page collector: do not use XTest delay ms...
2009-08-16 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'clareb'
2009-08-16 Ian JacksonCope with display which doesn't have a commod pixel...
2009-08-16 ClareFixes from tests on harley, including horrid bodge...
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonHandle opening errors in gzopen properly 3.1
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonFix up example invocations of dictionary-manager for...
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonNew --dict-no-update option prevents some rsyncs, for...
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonEncode instance in emails properly
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonAdd developer documentation for upload format. 3.0
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonPrint a thank you message
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonShow contents of OK message from yarrg upload server
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonTake out lock in db-idempotent-populate too
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonRemove a debugging print
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonActual locking and conflict handling
2009-08-08 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-08 Ian JacksonFix dictionary-update-receiver to cope with new cgi_get...
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonPermit arbitrage to work if one of the sides offers...
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonMake multiple actions actually work (don't fclose too...
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson-ourdb' into ourdb
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksonfixes from testing
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonInstallation fixes
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksontimestamp processing
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonWIP Much rework for new upload arrangements and new...
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksonwip yarrg upload too: multiple output modes and set...
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonRename many things from PCTB to YARRG
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonRename main program from ypp-commodities to yarrg
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonUpdate readmes for new program name
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksonpctb renamed to yarrg: Makefile moves stuff across
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksonpctb renamed to yarrg: .gitignore update
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonWIP rename pctb -> yarrg
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksoncache commodid and stallid in Perl
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonAdd technically-missing semicolon.
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonCan actually update the database
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonWe don't care about backslashes
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonRecompress the tsv (and err make it work again??)
2009-07-28 Ian Jacksonbetter error messages from pipethrough_*
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonWIP email processor, now prepares some SQL
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonNew CommodsDatabase module for broken out DBI stuff
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonRename age to timestamp; add field for email (rfc822...
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonDetect a few more inconsistencies
2009-07-28 Ian JacksonUse commas to separate islands in route database for...
2009-07-27 Ian JacksonWIP db populate; compute shortest paths in Perl (takes...
2009-07-26 Ian JacksonWIP database populate before perl route calc
2009-07-26 Ian Jacksonwip route computation
2009-07-26 Ian Jacksonschema creator in Perl
2009-07-26 Ian JacksonDB schema in sqlite format
2009-07-26 Ian Jacksonids in schema; distances
2009-07-26 Ian JacksonWIP schema
2009-07-25 Ian Jacksonwip commod-email-processor: can parse, now need to...
2009-07-25 Ian Jacksonwip commod-email-processor; tab-delimit metadata in...
2009-07-25 Ian Jacksonmetadata as tsv text header means we don't care about...
2009-07-25 Ian Jacksonmetadata as tsv text header
2009-07-24 Ian JacksonWIP commod-update-receiver testing - seems to work
2009-07-24 Ian JacksonWIP commod-update-receiver testing
2009-07-24 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into ourdb
2009-07-24 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable'
2009-07-24 Ian JacksonActually compress marketdata.gz (!)
2009-07-24 Ian Jacksonwip commod-update-receiver and new uploader
2009-07-24 Ian Jacksonwip commod-update-receiver
2009-07-22 Ian JacksonWIP update processor, generating outgoing email
2009-07-20 Ian JacksonWIP commod-update-receiver
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonPut _commodmap.tsv parsing all in
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonBreak parse_master out into
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonWIP commod-update-receiver; before make parse_parser...
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into ourdb
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'origin'
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonLaxer identification for subpixel antialiasing
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonInclude last page(!) 2.1
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonDo not flush in ocr debug if debug not enabled
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonUse fixed point arithmetic in find_aa_density
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonReverse order of samples in Rgb and other optimisations
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonAdjust colours early so that we don't have to keep...
2009-07-19 Ian Jacksonprint vprogress messages to files if any -D options...
2009-07-16 Ian JacksonWIP our own database
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonCompress _pages.ppm for faster execution (less disk... 2.0
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonCompress the screenshots file on output
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonFix up wait_for_stability delays
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonUse gzip --rsyncable -7 instead of -1
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonSupport --screenshots-file as alternative spelling
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonPrint that we are updating for every rsync
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonUse compressed _master-pixmap.txt.gz
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonpage with the mouse to avoid the silly page-back-to... 1.9.4
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonWhen setting focus on commodities, always use top left...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonCope if very few commodities on screen. Use ADJUST_BOX...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonCope with islands with names ending in y, from land
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonDiscard obsolete 1U<<31 from colon searcher
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonProvide compressed version of dictionaries
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonclarify Word
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonshowentry scales by 3
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksoncope with subpixel antialiasing (urgh) 1.9.3
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonconstify CanonImage->rgb and make a copy in find_islandname