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invokes yppsc-ocr-resolver for unrecognised pixmap
[ypp-sc-tools.db-test.git] / ypp-restock-rum
2009-05-31 Ian JacksonGPLv3 for everything
2009-05-26 Ian Jacksonypp-restock-rum: Allow cost[s] and price[s] as cmdline...
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonImproved usage message
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonSlightly clearer headings on multi-leg financial table
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonImprovements to financial table
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksonmostly works; before remove pr3
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksonremove parser for ship info from notes file (@-thing)
2009-05-18 Ian Jacksoncan compute profit/loss
2009-05-18 Ian JacksonWIP can compute best
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksoncan normalise prices but it is wrong
2009-05-17 Ian JacksonWIP rum calculations rework
2009-05-17 Ian Jacksonypp-restock-rum as found on liberator