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in-building find island works
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2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonin-building find island works
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonwip upload fixes
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonSpeed is OK now and it runs inside VNC on liberator
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonLook deeper in window tree for YPP client
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonFaster, by more in-bulk processing of incoming pixels
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonFaster, by cacheing last colour
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonBetter message for incomprehensible displays
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonWIP new retry-based pager
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonadjust code from abandon.stability e19af2579b9619071d17...
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonshow shm details
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonshow time taken by XGetImage, too
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonspeed problems
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDo not print out p.y uninitialised in error message
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonShow begin of XShmGetImage
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonShow whether shm is on
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonProperly wait for /w output to appear
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonabbreviate stall types; allow some commod-results-proce...
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonEnable entry of strings with spaces in
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonFix page number printing bug
2009-06-26 Ian Jackson/w answer delay needed
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonneed to abbreviate stall types
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDecombobulate island names in building screen (/w)
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonAhoy widget foreground
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonCope with big fonts and commodities
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksononboard ship island name horizontal trim
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonFix stupid black image bug; various other minor fixes
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonmention need to turn off antialias
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksonsupply OCEAN env var more often; turn on single page...
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksondo not read out of range bits of the image
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksonanother bug
2009-06-24 Ian JacksonDictionary management system seems to work
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksonsome bugs
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksondo not show unicode data for island pixmaps
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonMerge ijackson@chiark:/home/ijackson/things/ypp-sc...
2009-06-23 Ian Jacksoncope better when POST limit exceeded
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonTODO item
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonSeparators between image items in approval
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonRename Ship pixmap option to Vessel
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonDisplay Unicode decodings
2009-06-22 Ian Jacksonuse /usr/lib/sendmail
2009-06-22 Ian Jacksondo not throw away errors in uploads (!)
2009-06-22 Ian JacksonFix remote invocation
2009-06-22 Ian Jacksonnew --test-servers option
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonAdd some TODO items
2009-06-21 Ian Jacksonwip upload testing
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonPrivacy control UI
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP new dictionary arrangements
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-* helpers
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP overhaul of plumbing, databases, etc.
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonUpdate privacy docs
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary-update-receiver emails again
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary-manager approval minor fixes
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary approver works
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonWIP dictionary updates - wip convert to ssh-remote
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver to dictionary-updat...
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-ocr-resolver to dictionary-manager, and...
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonRearrange and tidy up innards of yppsc-ocr-resolver
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-06-19 Ian Jacksonfix stupid width/height bug
2009-06-19 Ian JacksonWIP yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver; can convert bitmap...
2009-06-19 Ian JacksonWIP yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver; can convert pixmap...
2009-06-19 Ian JacksonWIP yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver; pipeval works
2009-06-19 Ian JacksonWIP yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver; wip pipeval
2009-06-18 Ian JacksonWIP update receiver script
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Strip radar island name background
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Can show radar island image WIP
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Can update pixmaps.txt properly...
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; pixmap resolver now corrupts...
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; use SAGE until we actually...
2009-06-16 Ian JacksonWIP MIT-SHM; performance checks added; need to test...
2009-06-16 Ian JacksonWIP MIT-SHM; seems to do SHM but need to check performance
2009-06-15 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of ijackson@chiark:things/ypp...
2009-06-15 Ian JacksonWIP MIT-SHM; can create shm segment
2009-06-15 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; pixoptions can list islands
2009-06-15 Ian Jacksonfconfigure stdin -blocking yes right at the start...
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; ocr resolver can make query...
2009-06-14 Ian Jacksoninvokes yppsc-ocr-resolver for unrecognised pixmap
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; factor out resolve_{start...
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; can recognise a pixmap!
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; pixmap handling in progress
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; rename rawimage etc. to rgbimage
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; before work on lookup_rgbrect
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; generalise ADJUST
2009-06-10 Ian JacksonSeems to do correct POST ...
2009-06-10 Ian JacksonFix "In" not to be in lowercase set
2009-06-10 Ian Jacksonfix genmarketdata output file format
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/home/ijackson/things...
2009-06-09 Ian Jacksoncount is count of offers
2009-06-09 Ian Jacksonget #commodmap# filename right
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/home/ijackson/things...
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonNew non-broken commodmap XML
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonFix to make example2 work
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonWIP test decode-marketdata with example2
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonDo not run ocr resolver by default.
2009-06-09 Ian Jacksonmarketdata file decoder
2009-06-08 Ian JacksonMuch expanded and improved pctb client docs
2009-06-08 Ian JacksonSome of these interface comments are out of date
2009-06-08 Ian JacksonDie after recognition with --single-page --upload
2009-06-08 Ian Jacksonappears to make a marketdata file
2009-06-08 Ian JacksonCan fetch and parse the commodmap