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fconfigure stdin -blocking yes right at the start of required
[ypp-sc-tools.db-test.git] / pctb / yppsc-ocr-resolver
2009-06-15 Ian Jacksonfconfigure stdin -blocking yes right at the start...
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; ocr resolver can make query...
2009-06-14 Ian Jacksoninvokes yppsc-ocr-resolver for unrecognised pixmap
2009-06-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/home/ijackson/things...
2009-06-08 Ian JacksonSome of these interface comments are out of date
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksoncopyright messages
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksondisable yppsc-ocr-resolver test mode
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonRenames and cleanups.