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Do not have a default dictionary context when adding entries; it's error prone
[ypp-sc-tools.db-test.git] / pctb / dictionary-manager
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonDo not have a default dictionary context when adding...
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonCorrect bugs in new AA table cell structure parsing
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonUse .tmp for temporary files and write-then-rename
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonshow extent of character updates
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: dictionary-update-receive...
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonMake entry/cursor box always be on screen. Move variou...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: dictionary-manager prompt...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonif -Drect and -Dcallout, make dictionary-manager print...
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonMerge /u/ijackson/things/ypp-sc-tools
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonMake charset approval work again
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonshorten upload message
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonmore flexible approval UI
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksoninvoke ssh with compression on
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonfix syntax error
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonrename dictionary-pixmap-options to database-info-fetch
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonmore feedback on context
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonkeyboard shortcuts for set match context
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonWIP new context definition.
2009-07-01 Ian Jacksonbreak out char_start_define_text into a proc
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonFactor out some common code in RETURN_RESULT into retur...
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonPass and use possible as well as actual contexts
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonAdjust match context radiobutton states
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonshow radiobuttons for context
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonwip matching context selection
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'origin'
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonEnable entry of strings with spaces in
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksondo not show unicode data for island pixmaps
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonMerge ijackson@chiark:/home/ijackson/things/ypp-sc...
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonSeparators between image items in approval
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonDisplay Unicode decodings
2009-06-22 Ian JacksonFix remote invocation
2009-06-21 Ian Jacksonwip upload testing
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonPrivacy control UI
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP new dictionary arrangements
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-* helpers
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP overhaul of plumbing, databases, etc.
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary-manager approval minor fixes
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary approver works
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonWIP dictionary updates - wip convert to ssh-remote
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-ocr-resolver to dictionary-manager, and...