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2009-12-06 Owen DunnAdd the lib elevate stuff (even though it's only used...
2009-12-06 Owen DunnInitial commit of Yarrg code
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonAssume jars are in same directory as jpctb by default
2009-11-14 Ian Jacksonrun the control panel
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonMIT copyright notice
2009-11-01 Ian Jacksonnew wrapper script actually works
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonBefore try different approach since ldpreload does...
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonDoes not work yet - must trap other calls too
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonWIP jpctb wrapper
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonSort of works ...
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonBefore do munging in sh