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descriptionUserv utilities (local modifications)
ownerMark Wooding
last changeFri, 21 Apr 2017 20:04:03 +0000 (21:04 +0100)
2017-04-21 Ian Jacksonipif: "include" looks for the file in the directory... master
2017-04-19 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: fix access handling if no config...
2017-04-19 Ian Jacksonipif: ship and use ipif-access
2017-04-19 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: make v0config into a positional arg
2017-04-19 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: Scan directories
2017-04-17 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: implementation, get args to service...
2017-04-17 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: implementation, seems to work so far
2017-04-17 Ian Jacksonipif: service-wrap: implementation, does not work yet
2017-04-17 Ian Jacksonipif: wip new service-wrap: docs
2017-04-16 Ian Jacksonipif: Permit specifying interface name, if * is allowed
2017-04-16 Ian Jacksonipif: eat_optionalstr: understand that *argp may be 0
2017-04-16 Ian Jacksonipif: eat_optionalstr: do not crash on end of argument...
2017-04-15 Ian Jacksonipif: Introduce eat_optionalstr (and make protocol...
2017-04-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog documentation for reorg
2017-04-15 Ian Jacksondebian/: groupmanage: More installed now
2017-04-15 Ian Jacksondebian/: groupmanage: Move into userv-utils
18 years ago debian_version_0_3
unknown branchpoint-1996-06-19-retrospective-beforeuserv
unknown branchpoint-2000-12-10-udptunnelconf
unknown mergepoint-1-2000-12-10-udptunnelconf
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1-9
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1-90
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-0
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-1
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-2
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-3
unknown sent-to-rjk
unknown userv-utils-0-1-finger-mergeup-1
6 years ago mdw/fixes
7 years ago master