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descriptionGIT patch-maintenance porcelain (local modifications)
ownerMark Wooding
last changeSat, 3 Feb 2007 22:15:19 +0000 (22:15 +0000)
2007-02-03 Yann DirsonUse FETCH_HEAD to know where to rebase to after pull. master
2007-02-03 Yann DirsonWarn the user when there is no parent information in...
2007-02-03 Yann DirsonCorrectly check the pull-does-rebase parameter in ...
2007-02-02 Pavel RoskinAllow .git/branches and .git/remotes to be missing
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonDo not return 'origin' as parent remote when there...
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonRebase to parent branch after git-fetch in "stg pull".
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonThe user does not want to mess with the refspecs.
2007-02-02 Catalin MarinasCheck for invalid patch names before acting
2007-02-01 Catalin Marinasset() is not a builtin function in Python 2.3
2007-02-01 Yann DirsonFixes to doc strings.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonMake 'stg pull' use git-fetch and not git-pull.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonHave 'stg branch --create' record parent information.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonBasic support for keeping a ref to the parent branch.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonAllows extraction of information about remotes.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonMove identification of parent branch's remote def up...
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonAdd caching to the new config class.
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15 years ago v0.15-rc1 Stacked Git 0.15-rc1
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