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ownerMark Wooding
last changeThu, 28 Aug 2014 14:54:16 +0000 (15:54 +0100)
2014-08-28 Mark Woodingbin/run-mirrors: Run post scripts after mirror jobs. master
2014-08-28 Mark Woodingbin/run-mirrors: Command line lists patterns limiting...
2014-03-10 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'ftpsync'
2014-03-10 Mark WoodingNew ftpsync upstream. ftpsync
2014-03-10 Mark Woodingbin/fetch-ftpsync: Add a script to update the `ftpsync...
2014-03-10 Mark Woodinglib/ Tweak rsync options somewhat.
2014-03-10 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'ftpsync' into temp
2014-03-10 Mark WoodingIsolate ftpsync into its own branch.
2013-02-22 Mark Woodingetc/logrotate.conf: Actually rotate log files sometimes.
2012-10-27 Mark WoodingKeep track of the mirror target directory in an environ...
2012-05-03 Mark Woodingbin/debian-excludes: Use rsync program configured in...
2012-03-26 Mark Woodingbin/ftpsync: `-exclude' means something completely...
2012-03-16 Mark WoodingMove the mirror home directory to /var/lib/mirror-admin.
2012-03-16 Mark Woodingbin/run-mirrors: If we have a keytab file, log in with it.
2012-03-16 Mark Woodingbin/ftpsync: New version from upstream.
2011-08-17 Mark Woodingetc/ftpsync-debian-security.conf: Don't ask for unstabl...
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