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descriptionA helpful IRC bot; import of
ownerMark Wooding
last changeThu, 20 Jul 2017 13:37:06 +0000 (14:37 +0100)
2017-07-20 Mark Woodinghelpinfos: Advertise the HTTPS URL for help. master
2017-06-25 Mark WoodingUse the default system Tcl.
2012-12-29 Mark, helpinfos: Proper virtual hosting on jazz.
2012-09-02 Mark Woodinghelpinfos: Missing cross-reference.
2012-09-02 Mark Woodinghelpinfos: Customize for local installation.
2012-09-02 Mark Run screen(1) as admin, sudo(8) to ircbot...
2012-09-01 Mark Run bots in a screen(1) instance.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingirc-summon: Move canonical place for bot things.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingirc-summon: Use UIDs to identify proper human users.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingirc-summon: Share list of bot users with `irc-identpass'.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingdistorted.tcl: New config for Blight on
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingblight-startup.tcl: Take personality config name as...
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingirc-blight-id, irc-identpass: The missing machinery...
2012-09-01 Mark Utility to generate `botpass.tcl'.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingbot.tcl: Trim spurious argument to nickdb_get_username.
2012-09-01 Mark Woodingbot.tcl: Trim md5sum(1)'s annoying decoration from...
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