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descriptionA DNS zone with lots of (intentional) errors.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeFri, 1 Jul 2016 22:56:33 +0000 (23:56 +0100)
2016-07-01 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Fix the nameservers following network renumb... master
2016-07-01 Mark Woodingconfig.m4, *.in: Centralize the zone serial in the...
2016-07-01 Mark Fix tabs in the SOA record.
2016-07-01 Mark Local installation rules.
2016-07-01 Mark WoodingMakefile: Make the dummy zones depend on the configuration.
2016-07-01 Mark WoodingMakefile: Include local makefile fragment, e.g., to...
2014-05-14 Mark Woodingutils.m4, config.m4: Add AAAA glue records for nameservers.
2014-05-04 Mark Add a record with v6-mapped AAAA records.
2014-05-04 Mark WoodingMakefile: Fix one-based indexing properly.
2014-05-04 Mark WoodingMakefile: Fix signature corruption: awk indexes strings...
2014-05-04 Mark, utils.m4: IPv6 address for blackhole.
2014-05-04 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Update the nameservers to match the delegation.
2014-05-04 Mark New SOA record.
2014-05-04 Mark Some more interesting general records.
2014-05-04 Mark IPv6 records for the invalid signature entries.
2014-05-04 Mark WoodingMakefile: Match A and AAAA records, for IPv6ness.
7 years ago master