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descriptionTracks which the jukebox should play at random, for various reasons.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeTue, 16 Jan 2024 04:00:58 +0000 (04:00 +0000)
2024-01-16 Mark Woodingblacklist: Fix a filename typo. master
2024-01-16 Mark Woodingblacklist, xlate.conf: Messily fix case of four-letter...
2024-01-16 Mark Woodingxlate.conf: Sort for Epica's silly album title.
2024-01-16 Mark Woodingxlate.conf: Add ibanez banner because that's the proper...
2023-04-23 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Ignore the fetched blacklist files.
2023-04-23 Mark Woodingblacklist: Add `Bleak Expectations' radio series.
2021-08-24 Mark Woodingblacklist: Another entry.
2021-01-18 Mark Woodingblacklist: New blacklist entries.
2021-01-18 Mark Woodingxlate.conf: More translations.
2020-06-02 Mark Woodingxlate.conf: Get this under revision control.
2020-06-02 Mark WoodingInitial version.
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