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2010-06-05 Rupert SwarbrickIgnore fasls.
2010-06-05 Rupert SwarbrickReturn a more robust warning when we try to define...
2010-06-05 Rupert SwarbrickForce asdf to call the C source file blah.c, rather...
2009-02-10 espenRe-registering custom signals and class closures when...
2009-02-10 espenReferencing foreign classes when loading saved images
2009-02-09 espenChanges required by SBCL 1.0.22
2009-02-09 espenNew function CLISP<
2009-02-09 espenBug fix in stdio_write_func
2009-02-09 espenOptimization of %STREAM-READ-FUNC and some minor changes
2008-12-14 espenAdded new types GSSIZE and GOFFSET
2008-12-14 espenRequiring clg-tools
2008-12-10 espenInitial checkin
2008-12-10 espenAPI changes
2008-12-10 espenAdded gio dependency
2008-12-10 espenInitial checkin
2008-12-10 espenNew macro DEFINE-TYPES-IN-LIBRARY
2008-12-10 espenNew file main-loop.lisp
2008-12-10 espenInitial checkin
2008-12-10 espenCode to set gerrors from callbacks
2008-12-10 espenExporting new symbols
2008-12-10 espenUsing WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS to avoid some copying
2008-12-10 espenNew function TYPE-EQUAL-P
2008-12-10 espenExporting TYPE-EQUAL-P
2008-12-10 espenAdded missing dependency
2008-12-10 espenFix to load shared libraries from default locations...
2008-12-09 espenUpdated for new pixbuf API
2008-11-28 espenJPEG support, better error handling and minor API changes
2008-11-28 espenAdded JPEG support
2008-11-28 espenInitial checking of support functions for JPEG
2008-11-25 espenAdded WIDGET-GET-SNAPSHOT
2008-11-25 espenBug fix
2008-11-19 espenFixed return type for COMBO-BOX-GET-ACTIVE-TEXT
2008-11-13 espenFixed typo
2008-11-13 espenPatch needed for Gentoo
2008-11-06 espenNew function clg_gdk_pixbuf_swap_rgb
2008-11-06 espenExporting all symbols for raw memory access
2008-11-04 espenUpdated to work with recent versions of SLIME
2008-11-04 espenSmall fix for CLISP
2008-11-04 espenFixed memory corruption with statics strings in GValues
2008-10-27 espenTemporary hack to get clg build with Gtk+ 2.14
2008-10-27 espenFix for CLISP
2008-10-09 espenBug fix
2008-10-09 espenRemoved deprecated function CONTAINER-CHILD-CLASS
2008-10-09 espenMoved handling of floating references from gtk to glib
2008-10-08 espenBug fix
2008-10-08 espenAdded macro WITH-HANDLE and function IMAGE-SURFACE...
2008-10-08 espenAdded bindings for GtkTooltip
2008-10-08 espenFixed typo in comment
2008-10-08 espenUse glib's API for memory allocation
2008-10-08 espenBug fix (function name included in declarations)
2008-10-08 espenUpdate to the COPY-FUNCTION type method
2008-10-08 espenAdded common superclass for vector surfaces and some...
2008-05-06 espenFixed typos
2008-05-06 espenRemoved circular object references in signal handler...
2008-04-30 espenAdded bindings for Pixbuf Loader
2008-04-30 espenMade UNBOXED-VECTOR work in CLISP
2008-04-29 espenAdded new type UNBOXED-VECTOR
2008-04-29 espenExporting UNBOXED-VECTOR
2008-04-29 espenSimplified WITH-MEMORY
2008-04-21 espenFixed typo
2008-04-14 espenFixed argument type in definition of %WINDOW-SET-DEFAUL...
2008-04-11 espenChanged return type for TREE-ROW-REFERENCE-GET-PATH
2008-04-11 espenChanged return type for SIGNAL-NAME
2008-04-11 espenAdded prooper return type for gerror-signal
2008-04-11 espenVector arguments declared as SEQUENCE
2008-04-11 espenAdded (or null ...) return types
2008-04-11 espenAdded support for OR as return type
2008-04-11 espenBug fix
2008-04-11 espenBug fixes
2008-04-11 espenBug fix
2008-04-10 espenVersion number bumped to 0.94. Minor bug fix.
2008-04-01 espenBroken make-glist and glist copy function fixed
2008-03-25 espenBug fixes
2008-03-20 espenFix for CLISP
2008-03-20 espenAdded note saying the file should probably be treated...
2008-03-20 espenFixed broken URL
2008-03-20 espenAdded fill style snippet
2008-03-19 espenFixed logical pathname translation for win32
2008-03-18 espenAdded missing slot to grab-broken-event class
2008-03-18 espenAdded class definition for event type GRAB-BROKEN
2008-03-10 espenFixed a couple of typos
2008-03-06 espenRemoved the need for dummy container-child classes.
2008-03-04 espenAdded *REENTRANT-MAIN-ITERATION* to control if MAIN...
2008-02-29 espenReintroduced SERVE-EVENT based asynchronous event handl...
2008-02-28 espenFix for SBCL 1.0.14
2008-02-27 espenFixed some typos (tree-path -> tree-iter)
2008-02-01 espenBug fix in SBCL version number detection
2008-01-30 espenAdded support for a fourth version number component...
2008-01-11 espenMade initialization work on systmes with SWANK which...
2008-01-10 espenBug fix for COLOR-SELECTION
2008-01-10 espenAdded parameter to control default value of ABSOLUTE...
2008-01-10 espenShow Cairo version instead of Gtk+ version
2008-01-10 espenAdded new function VERSION
2008-01-10 espenBug fix
2008-01-07 espenBug fix
2008-01-02 espenAdded note about the GtkTooltips being deprecated in...
2008-01-02 espenBug fix
2008-01-02 espenAdded slots to ENTRY class
2008-01-02 espenAdded new binding ENTRY-COMPLETION-GET-COMPLETION-PREFIX
2008-01-02 espenRemoved instruction about how to set up logical pathnam...