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2008-03-04 espenAdded *REENTRANT-MAIN-ITERATION* to control if MAIN...
2008-02-29 espenReintroduced SERVE-EVENT based asynchronous event handl...
2008-02-28 espenFix for SBCL 1.0.14
2008-02-27 espenFixed some typos (tree-path -> tree-iter)
2008-02-01 espenBug fix in SBCL version number detection
2008-01-30 espenAdded support for a fourth version number component...
2008-01-11 espenMade initialization work on systmes with SWANK which...
2008-01-10 espenBug fix for COLOR-SELECTION
2008-01-10 espenAdded parameter to control default value of ABSOLUTE...
2008-01-10 espenShow Cairo version instead of Gtk+ version
2008-01-10 espenAdded new function VERSION
2008-01-10 espenBug fix
2008-01-07 espenBug fix
2008-01-02 espenAdded note about the GtkTooltips being deprecated in...
2008-01-02 espenBug fix
2008-01-02 espenAdded slots to ENTRY class
2008-01-02 espenAdded new binding ENTRY-COMPLETION-GET-COMPLETION-PREFIX
2008-01-02 espenRemoved instruction about how to set up logical pathnam...
2008-01-02 espenUsing ASDF to set up logical pathname translation for clg
2008-01-02 espenAdded missing dependency
2008-01-02 espenRemoved comment about setting up logical pathname trans...
2008-01-02 espenUsing EXPORT-FROM-SYSTEM to autoexport symbols
2008-01-02 espenAdded new macro EXPORT-FROM-SYSTEM
2008-01-02 espenMde autoexport dependent on asdf-extensions
2008-01-02 espenBinding of dynamic variables during perform
2008-01-02 espenAdded missing dependency
2008-01-02 espenMade multi threading work on recent versions of SBCL
2007-12-30 espenAdded warning when *SLIME-REPL-EVAL-HOOKS* is missing...
2007-12-29 espenFixed wrong :libdir argument in definition of the libgo...
2007-12-29 espenFixed wrong initarg in GLIB-ERROR definition
2007-12-29 espenDirectory part removed from loaded shared objects by...
2007-12-14 espenShared object files given unique names
2007-12-14 espenChanged filename of shared objects to be component...
2007-12-13 espenFixed CLIPBOARD-SET name clash from previous commit
2007-12-12 espenNew function CLIPBOARD-SET, marked CLIPBOARD-SET-DATA...
2007-12-12 espenModifications and minor API changes to the clipboard...
2007-12-11 espenBug fix in callback-wrapper
2007-12-11 espenFixed typo affecting CLISP
2007-12-02 espenBug fixes/new slot in definition of CONTEXT
2007-11-29 espenFix for CLISP
2007-11-14 espenCode cleaned up
2007-11-14 espenFixed memory corruption problem in KEYVAL-NAME
2007-11-08 espenDelayed initialization of internal slot functions for...
2007-11-01 espenCAN-DEFAULT implicit set to T by DIALOG-ADD-ACTION...
2007-10-31 espenFixed broken FONT-EXTENTS binding
2007-10-22 espenAdded missing read-time conditional testing for Gtk...
2007-10-19 espenAdded functions to copy paths
2007-10-18 espenBug fix in DRAW-LAYOUT
2007-10-18 espenBug fix in CREATE-SIGNAL-EMIT-FUNCTION
2007-10-17 espenAdded new function DEVICE-TO-PANGO-UNITS and fixed...
2007-10-17 espenMostly Cairo releated fixes
2007-10-17 espenFixed definition of ALLOCATION
2007-10-17 espenBug fix for CLISP
2007-10-17 espenMinor change to define-callback
2007-10-17 espenAdded some Gtk+ 2.12 bindings
2007-10-17 espenWork around for bug in GtkEntryCompletion
2007-10-17 espenInstances of TEXT-ITER properly allocated as memory...
2007-10-17 espenInstances of TREE-ITER properly allocated as memory...
2007-10-17 espenPATHNAME correctly registered as an alias type the...
2007-10-17 espenNew type CONNECT-FLAGS
2007-10-17 espenNew function SLICE-ALLOC and changes to user data mechanism
2007-10-17 espenExporting new symbols
2007-10-16 espenBug fixes and a couple of new functions
2007-09-07 espenRemoved unused packages from use-list
2007-09-07 espenInitial checkin
2007-09-07 espenNew bindings and bug fixes
2007-09-07 espenMade clg_gdk_cairo_surface_get_window actually work
2007-09-07 espenAdded CAIRO-REGION
2007-09-07 espenAdded type methods for automatic type declarations
2007-09-07 espenBug fix
2007-09-07 espenExporting USER-CALLBACK
2007-09-07 espenAdded automatic function type declarations and accessor...
2007-09-07 espenBug fix in SCALE-TO-DEVICE
2007-09-06 espenMade %TREE-PATH-TO-VECTOR handle null pointers
2007-09-06 espenAdded new functions WIDGET-FLAGS and WIDGET-REALIZED-P
2007-09-06 espenSlots manually added to recent-chooser class
2007-09-06 espenAdded new macro DEFINE-CALLBACK-SETTER
2007-09-06 espenMulti-threading bug fix
2007-08-23 espenFixed typo and removed unnecessary function declaration
2007-08-20 espenBug fix in TREE-MODEL-ROW-DATA
2007-08-20 espenNew type USER-CALLBACK and a bug fix
2007-08-20 espenFixed wrong foreign function name
2007-08-20 espenFixed memory leak in with-gvalue
2007-08-20 espenBug fix, added bindings and a minor API change
2007-07-12 espenAdded warning about API change
2007-07-12 espenBug fix
2007-07-12 espenFix due to minor API change in message-dialog
2007-07-12 espenAdded new function PLIST-REMOVE
2007-07-12 espenFixed some flaws in the dialog and message-dialog widgets
2007-07-10 espenReturn type for ACCEL-GROUPS-FROM-OBJECT corrected
2007-07-09 espenBug fix
2007-07-06 espenAdded missing dependency for sb-posix
2007-07-05 espenAdded bindings to GtkAssistant
2007-07-04 espenAdded new function INIT-CHILD-SLOTS
2007-07-03 espenModified GVALUE-TYPE to return NIL on uninitialized...
2007-07-03 espenBash specific feature replaced
2007-06-25 espenAdded missing package prefix to FEATUREP
2007-06-25 espenAdded missing #-win32
2007-06-25 espenFixed typo