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2001-05-11 espenChanged order of name arguments to defbindings
2001-05-11 espenFixed bug in type definition
2001-05-11 espenAdded code for automatic type definitions
2001-05-11 espenFixed a few bugs
2001-05-11 espenChanged order of name arguments to defbindings
2001-05-11 espenRemoved obsoleted macro DEFINE-FOREIGN
2001-05-11 espenAdded a couple of predicates
2001-05-04 espenRemoved obsolete type definition
2001-05-04 espenChanged PROXY-CLASS to work with forward referneced...
2001-05-04 espenModified PCL's class finalization protocol to behave...
2001-04-30 espenAdded platform independent MKBINDING to create bindings...
2001-04-29 espenUpdated for glib-1.3.4
2001-04-29 espenChanged define-foreign to defbinding
2001-04-29 espenRenamed and added new exported symbols
2001-04-29 espenRemoved shadowing of DEFTYPE
2001-04-29 espenAdded new files
2001-04-29 espenInitial checkin
2001-04-29 espenAdded param classes
2001-04-29 espenUpdated for glib-1.3.4
2001-04-29 espenUpdated for glib-1.3.4 and moved code to proxy.lisp
2001-04-29 espenObsoleted by glib-mkenums
2001-04-29 espenAdded support for pkg-config
2001-04-29 espenRemoved obsolete functions
2001-04-29 espenCleanups
2001-04-29 espenAdded string manipulation functions
2001-02-11 espenAdded g_lisp_callback_closure_new
2001-02-11 espenReneamed gvalue accessors
2001-02-11 espenAdded event classes
2001-02-11 espenAdded function for user data
2001-02-11 espenAdded version numbers to glib/gtk shared lib file names
2001-01-28 espenRemoved code for deprecated tree widget
2001-01-28 espenRemoved deprecated :arg allocation stuff
2001-01-28 espenChanged slots with :arg allocation to :param allocation
2001-01-28 espenAdded functions gvalue-new and gvalue-free
2001-01-28 espenAdded :param slot allocation to gobject-class
2001-01-28 espenRemoved binding to private function g_type_create_instance
2000-11-12 espenNew files added to the system
2000-11-09 espenMoved callback mechanism and signal system from gtk...
2000-10-05 espenTests updated and rewritten to work with the new API
2000-10-05 espenMoved definition of widget class to gtktypes.lisp
2000-10-05 espenObsoleted code removed
2000-10-05 espenMore widgets made working, numerous improvements
2000-10-05 espenRemoved some obsoleted types
2000-10-05 espenAdded new file gtkutils.lisp
2000-10-05 espenInitial checkin
2000-10-05 espenChanged name of double linked list type to glist.
2000-10-05 espenAdded function FUNCALLABLE
2000-10-05 espenAdded single linked list type (gslist), changed name...
2000-10-01 espenRemoved :colors initarg from initialize-instance for...
2000-10-01 espenFixed a bug in the from-alien translation of ALIEN...
2000-10-01 espenFixed some macros doing unintended variable capture
2000-09-30 espenAdded SIZE-OF to exported symbols
2000-09-04 espenReintroduced a huge amount of bindings
2000-09-04 espenAdded some more widget classes, a lot of bug fixes
2000-09-04 espenpointer is now initialized as an alien type
2000-09-04 espenpixmap-create now accepts a vector of strings
2000-09-04 espenMade size-of a type method, added vector type and made...
2000-09-04 espenMade size-of a type method and did a few other minor...
2000-09-04 espenMade size-of a type method
2000-08-23 espenMoved object user data from gtk to glib
2000-08-23 espenFixed a design flaw in quark-from-object
2000-08-23 espenChanged the alloc argument to translate-from-alien...
2000-08-23 espenChanged the alloc argument to translate-from-alien...
2000-08-22 espenImplemeted object/quark mapping
2000-08-22 espenAdded some utilities for assoc lists
2000-08-17 espenFixed a typing error
2000-08-17 espenShadowing import of BUILT-IN-CLASS
2000-08-16 espenManually editing of the event-mask type
2000-08-16 espenMoved some functions from gtk.lisp
2000-08-16 espenAdded copyright notice and some more symbols to be...
2000-08-16 espenAdded :in-out style to define-foreign
2000-08-16 espenBugfix in (setf object-arg)
2000-08-15 espenFixed a bug in the translation of lists to GLists
2000-08-15 espenReintroduced most widget classes
2000-08-15 espenAdded some accessor functions
2000-08-15 espenFixed a spelling error
2000-08-15 espenFixed a bug preventing proper initializing of alien...
2000-08-14 espenInitial revision