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Added documentation for some initargs to make-instance
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2006-09-05 espenAdded functions to lookup widget by name
2006-09-05 espenAdded new function CONTAINER-CHILD-CLASS
2006-09-05 espenExporting CONTAINER-CHILD-CLASS
2006-08-31 espenAdded linker flags to required by Darwin
2006-08-31 espenLibrary extensions not hard coded any more
2006-08-25 espenBug fix
2006-08-16 espenMore improvements to virtual slot access
2006-08-16 espenUpdates for SBCL 0.9.14 and 0.9.15
2006-08-15 espenChanged superclass of CONTAINER-CHILD to VIRTUAL-SLOTS...
2006-08-15 espenPath argument to the toggle signal for cell-renderer...
2006-08-15 espenExporting the symbol TOGGLED
2006-08-14 espenFixed toggle-action activation bug
2006-06-30 espenVersion number changed to 0.93
2006-06-23 espenAdded new function ENSURE-TREE-PATH
2006-06-23 espenFixes for AMD64
2006-04-26 espenManual slot definitions for icon-view
2006-04-26 espenRemoved duplicated definition
2006-04-26 espenNew functions
2006-04-26 espenMinor changes
2006-04-26 espenMinor required changes
2006-04-26 espenMinor updates due to internal API changes
2006-04-26 espenAdded gffi to the list of required symbols
2006-04-26 espenAdded gffi to the list of used packages and cleaned up
2006-04-26 espenCLISP porting and some other minor changes
2006-04-25 espenChanges to cursor bindings
2006-04-25 espenAdded multi-threading support
2006-04-10 espenClg version changed to 0.92.1
2006-04-10 espenAdded missing argument to selection-set-owner
2006-04-10 espenBug fix
2006-04-10 espenImproved gtk version detection
2006-04-10 espenWidget-modify-font now takes the correct number of...
2006-03-03 espenTREE-MODEL-VALUE made a generic function
2006-02-28 espenDuplicate definitions removed
2006-02-28 espenDefgeneric added to get rid of a style warning
2006-02-28 espenDefgenerics added to get rid of a few style warnings
2006-02-28 espenPropper handling of gerror
2006-02-28 espenDefgenerics added to get rid of a few style-warnings
2006-02-27 espenVersion number increased to 0.92
2006-02-26 espenAdded definitions for rc files, settings, plug and...
2006-02-26 espenAdded id slots to plug and socket
2006-02-26 espenStock item bindings updated to Gtk+ 2.8
2006-02-26 espenType method system redesigned
2006-02-26 espenAdded PRINT-OBJECT method for widget class and a small...
2006-02-26 espenGod rid of some warnings about unused variables
2006-02-26 espenRemoved some redundant and dead code
2006-02-26 espenAdded PRINT-OBJECT method for widget class and som...
2006-02-19 espenC callbacks cleaned up and ported to new API
2006-02-16 espenSignaling error in clg-init if running SBCL in Slime...
2006-02-15 espenRemoved dependency of some internal PCL symbols
2006-02-09 espenAdded ALLOCATE-FOREIGN method
2006-02-08 espenChanged to use of settable FOREIGN-LOCATION
2006-02-08 espenBug fixes
2006-02-08 espenChanges required by SBCL 0.9.8
2006-02-08 espenRemoved duplicate definition
2006-02-06 espenFixed ref counting problem when reading the icon-list...
2006-02-06 espenAdded optional weak-p arg to reader functions
2006-02-06 espenRemoved some unnecessary reference functions
2006-02-06 espenNew file gtkselection.lisp
2006-02-06 espenAdded types for selections
2006-02-06 espenInitial checkin
2006-02-05 espenPROXY-LOCATION renamed to FOREIGN-LOCATION
2006-02-04 espenCode clean up and a few new type definitions
2006-02-04 espenCode clean up
2006-02-03 espenDoing ref. counting before sinking in around method
2005-11-15 espenBug fix
2005-10-21 espenChanged version number
2005-10-21 espenBug fix
2005-09-26 espenAdded bindings for Gtk 2.8
2005-09-26 espenAdding :gtk2.8 to *features* if Gtk 2.8 is found.
2005-04-25 espenNew function CLG-VERSION
2005-04-24 espenAdded more bindings to accel-group and accel-map
2005-04-23 espenChanged to MIT license
2005-04-19 espenRemoved some unnecessary utility functions.
2005-04-19 espenUnified API for all types of radio objects.
2005-04-17 espenExporting symbols
2005-04-17 espenAdded initarg :pattern to label
2005-03-13 espenAdded bindings to GtkIconView and GtkTreeSortable and...
2005-03-13 espenManual overriding some slot setters for icon-view
2005-03-13 espenAPI changes to message-dialog
2005-03-13 espenExporting symbols from gtktext.lisp
2005-03-11 espenReverted previous change
2005-03-11 espenFix to avoid having to rely on internal _get_type functions
2005-03-06 espenChanges necessary to allow saving of core images with...
2005-03-03 espenAdded missing DESTROY-FUNCTION method for TREE-PATH
2005-02-27 espenSymbolic column names with CELL-LAYOUT-ADD-ATTRIBUTE...
2005-02-27 espenIgnore initargs for parent and visible in widget class
2005-02-27 espenCall show-widget in shared-initialize after method...
2005-02-27 espenBug fix
2005-02-26 espenAdded bindings for pointer grabbing
2005-02-25 espenChanged arguments to SPIN-BUTTON-SPIN
2005-02-22 espenMisc required changes
2005-02-22 espenAdded :show-children initarg to container class
2005-02-22 espenClean up of signal connecting and some other things
2005-02-22 espenDependency fix
2005-02-22 espenSymbols from gtkstyle.lisp exported
2005-02-10 espenSmall bug fix
2005-02-04 espenFixes for Gtk 2.6
2005-02-04 espenGtk 2.6 now detected
2005-02-03 espenChanges required by SBCL
2005-02-01 espenIntrospected classes now defined in propper order