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Added documentation for some initargs to make-instance
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2006-09-05 espenNot needed any more
2006-09-05 espenQUERY-ENUM-VALUES can now return C names
2006-09-05 espenExporting QUERY-ENUM-VALUES and TYPE-FROM-GLIB-NAME
2006-08-31 espenFixed typo
2006-08-31 espenMore fixes for MacOS X
2006-08-30 espenFixes for Mac OS X
2006-08-30 espenModified to not use custom C functions to create GClosures
2006-08-30 espenRemoved callback.c from the system
2006-08-25 espenBug fix
2006-08-16 espenMore improvements to virtual slot access
2006-08-16 espenUpdates for SBCL 0.9.14 and 0.9.15
2006-07-14 espenImproved error handling in signal handlers
2006-06-08 espenImproved alignment of struct slots
2006-06-07 espenBug fix
2006-04-28 espenAdded missing condition definition
2006-04-26 espenGINTERFACE renamed to INTERFACE
2006-04-26 espenSmall bug fix
2006-04-26 espenRemoved export.lisp from the system
2006-04-25 espenChanges to gvalue, renaming of some accessor functions
2006-04-25 espenVarious necessary changes
2006-04-25 espenUpdated to follow new ffi API
2006-04-25 espenUpdated to new API
2006-04-25 espenCode moved to gffi/enums.lisp
2006-04-25 espenSAP+ replaced by POINTER+
2006-04-25 espenComment out code removed, updated to new reference api
2006-04-25 espenCode moved to gffi/vector.lisp, improved memory management
2006-04-25 espenAll symbols now manually exported from defpackage.lisp
2006-04-25 espenDependencies updated, code removed
2006-04-25 espenRemoved comment out code
2006-04-25 espenAll symbols from glib manually exported
2006-04-25 espenMoved to the gffi directory
2006-04-18 espenCustom types are now re-registered when a saved image...
2006-04-10 espenImproved glib version detection
2006-04-10 espenFixed build problem with SBCL 0.9.11
2006-03-06 espenAdded missing type expansion
2006-03-06 espenChanges required by SBCL 0.9.10
2006-03-03 espenAdded missing type methods
2006-03-03 espenExisting methods are not cleared when an define-type...
2006-03-03 espenAdded missing type method and bug fixes
2006-03-03 espenBug fixes
2006-03-02 espenBug fix
2006-02-28 espenBug fixes
2006-02-26 espen64-bit patch for SBCL from Gabriel Ebner
2006-02-26 espenFixed bug in SET-PACKAGE-PREFIX
2006-02-26 espenType method system redesigned
2006-02-26 espenGot rid of a warning about an unused variable
2006-02-19 espenClearing stack allocated memory
2006-02-19 espenWork around for broken def-type-method
2006-02-19 espenBug fix
2006-02-19 espenDefinition of type gclosure moved before it's first...
2006-02-19 espenC callbacks cleaned up and ported to new API
2006-02-19 espenAdded code to re-register sub-classed gobject classes...
2006-02-19 espenAdded new type methods for handling of C callback arguments
2006-02-19 espenAdded code to detect if SBCL is missing or has duplicat...
2006-02-19 espenExporting symbols for the C callback API
2006-02-19 espenAdded support for SBCL's native C callbacks, new callba...
2006-02-19 espenFix for SBCL >= 0.9.8
2006-02-19 espenRemoved unused code
2006-02-15 espenWITH-GVALUE now uses WITH-ALLOCATED-MEMORY
2006-02-15 espenModified WITH-ALLOCATED-MEMORY to use stack allocation...
2006-02-15 espenRemoved dependency of some internal PCL symbols
2006-02-13 espenAdded convenient type GERROR-SIGNAL which will signal...
2006-02-09 espenInitarg :construct renamed to :construct-only
2006-02-09 espenAdded ALLOCATE-FOREIGN method for gobject. Construct...
2006-02-09 espenAdded generic function ALLOCATE-FOREIGN
2006-02-09 espenAdded macro WITH-ALLOCATED-MEMORY
2006-02-08 espenFOREIGN
2006-02-08 espenChanges required by SBCL 0.9.8
2006-02-08 espenChanges required by SBCL 0.9.8
2006-02-08 espenCALL-NEXT-HANDLER given same semantic as CALL-NEXT...
2006-02-07 espenAdded caching of invalidated proxy instances
2006-02-06 espenReferencing gobject classes properly
2006-02-06 espenReplaced WEAK-READER-FUNCTION with optional WEAK-P...
2006-02-06 espenDisabled debugging code
2006-02-06 espenProxies for non reference counted foreign objects passe...
2006-02-06 espenProxies may now have "weak" references to the foreign...
2006-02-06 espenNew type method WEAK-READER-FUNCTION
2006-02-06 espenAdded more debugging stuff
2006-02-05 espenRedesigned proxy initialization protocol
2006-02-04 espenCode clean up and propper computation of foreign object...
2006-02-03 espenFixed broken reference counting
2006-02-03 espenMade toggle reference depend on glib2.8
2006-02-03 espenAdded glib2.8 to the feature list
2006-02-03 espenAdded dependency for Gtk 2.8 for toggle references
2006-02-02 espenAdded slot allocation :special for which are internal...
2006-02-02 espenSlots with instance allocation can now safely be added...
2006-02-02 espenObjects can now be cached with strong references
2006-02-02 espenFixed bug so that sub-classing of gobject-classes works
2006-02-01 espenType registering defered until class finalization
2006-02-01 espenSub-classing of gobjects can now be done without explic...
2006-02-01 espenAdded DEFINE-SIGNAL-HANDLER to define class signal...
2006-02-01 espenHack to make TYPE-FROM-NUMBER work with types that...
2006-02-01 espenExporting CALL-NEXT-HANDLER
2006-01-31 espenAdded code to register new types with the gobject type...
2005-09-26 espenCMUCL 19b no longer loads pcl.lisp
2005-09-26 espenFix for SBCL 9.x
2005-04-25 espenFeature :clg-pcl reneamed to :non-broken-pcl
2005-04-25 espenMade the definition of pcl::slot-info identical to...
2005-04-24 espenAdded pseudo type for structs which are inlined in...
2005-04-24 espenMapped lisp type gclosure to foreign type GClosure