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2004-10-31 espenAutomatic initialization after loading
2004-10-31 espenMoved to alien directory and renamed to glue.c
2004-10-31 espenMoved from main gtk source directory
2004-10-31 espenUpdated for CMUCL 19a and glib-2.4. Lots of improvements
2004-10-31 espenInitial checkin
2004-10-31 espengtk-export.lisp renamed
2004-10-31 espengtk-package.lisp renamed
2004-10-31 espenRenamed to export.lisp
2004-10-31 espenRenamed to defpackage.lisp
2002-04-02 espenSmall bug fix
2002-04-02 espenAdded callback for menu positioning, removed obsoleted...
2002-04-02 espenLots of widgets updated
2002-03-25 espenUpdated/added bindings for label class
2002-03-24 espenChanged CONTAINER-ADD and CONTAINER-REMOVE into generic...
2002-03-24 espenRemoved/added accessors for window class
2002-03-24 espenUpdated/added slots for window class
2002-03-24 espenUpdated/added bindings for window class
2002-03-24 espenRenamed dialog class slot vbox to main-area
2002-03-24 espenUpdated dialog class
2002-03-24 espenInhibit compiler warnings
2002-03-24 espenUsing proper function for ref counting
2002-03-24 espenFunction renamed
2002-03-24 espenWidget class updated for gtk 2.0
2002-03-24 espenUpdated and added new bindings for gtk 2.0
2002-03-22 espenBug fix
2002-03-19 espenUpdated for gtk 2.0
2001-12-12 espenUpdated for gtk-1.3.11
2001-11-20 espenChanges in widget initialization
2001-11-12 espenA lot of binding changes
2001-11-12 espenRemoved libdir path in calls to INIT-TYPES-IN-LIBRARY
2001-10-25 espenMoved a couple of functions wrongly put in gtkobject...
2001-10-21 espenRemoved obsoleted code and added a few accessor functions
2001-10-21 espenUpdated for gtk+-1.3.9 and misc changes
2001-10-21 espenUpdated for gtk+-1.3.9
2001-10-21 espenAdded manually defined slots to autogenerated class...
2001-05-31 espenUpdated for gtk+ 1.3.5
2001-05-29 espenRemoved gtkenums.lisp
2001-05-29 espenAll type definitions now done in gtktypes.lisp
2001-05-29 espenRemoved obsoleted code
2001-05-29 espenUpdated for recent Gtk+-1.3 releases, added code for...
2001-05-29 espenChanged define-foreign to defbinding
2001-05-29 espenType definitions now done by introspection
2001-04-29 espenRemoved obsolete functions
2001-01-28 espenRemoved code for deprecated tree widget
2001-01-28 espenRemoved deprecated :arg allocation stuff
2001-01-28 espenChanged slots with :arg allocation to :param allocation
2000-11-09 espenMoved callback mechanism and signal system from gtk...
2000-10-05 espenMoved definition of widget class to gtktypes.lisp
2000-10-05 espenObsoleted code removed
2000-10-05 espenMore widgets made working, numerous improvements
2000-10-05 espenRemoved some obsoleted types
2000-10-05 espenAdded new file gtkutils.lisp
2000-10-05 espenInitial checkin
2000-10-05 espenChanged name of double linked list type to glist.
2000-09-04 espenReintroduced a huge amount of bindings
2000-09-04 espenAdded some more widget classes, a lot of bug fixes
2000-09-04 espenpointer is now initialized as an alien type
2000-08-23 espenMoved object user data from gtk to glib
2000-08-17 espenShadowing import of BUILT-IN-CLASS
2000-08-16 espenMoved some functions from gtk.lisp
2000-08-16 espenAdded copyright notice and some more symbols to be...
2000-08-16 espenBugfix in (setf object-arg)
2000-08-15 espenReintroduced most widget classes
2000-08-15 espenAdded some accessor functions
2000-08-15 espenFixed a spelling error
2000-08-14 espenInitial revision