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Changes necessary to allow saving of core images with clg.
[clg] / glib / gparam.lisp
2005-03-06 espenChanges necessary to allow saving of core images with...
2005-02-03 espenChanges required by SBCL
2005-01-12 espenFixed GVALUE macro
2005-01-03 espenNew binding GVALUE-P and some other changes
2004-12-16 espenBug fix
2004-11-19 espenAdded pseudo type COPY-OF
2004-11-12 espenAdded with-gvalue macro
2004-11-06 espenMajor cleanup of ffi abstraction layer
2004-10-28 espenContents of gvalues are now unset correctly
2004-10-27 espenUpdated for CMUCL 19a and glib-2.4
2002-03-19 espenUpdated for glib 2.0.0
2001-12-12 espenUpdated for gtk-1.3.11
2001-10-21 espenUpdated for gtk+-1.3.9
2001-05-11 espenFixed bug in type definition
2001-04-29 espenAdded param classes
2001-01-28 espenAdded functions gvalue-new and gvalue-free