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Changed to use of settable FOREIGN-LOCATION
[clg] / gdk / gdk.lisp
2006-02-08 espenChanged to use of settable FOREIGN-LOCATION
2006-02-07 espenAdded macro WITH-CARIO-CONTEXT to create temporary...
2005-11-10 espenAdded cairo bindings
2005-04-23 espenChanged to MIT license
2005-04-21 espenFixed a few bugs regarding pointer and keyboard grabbing
2005-02-27 espenBug fix
2005-02-26 espenAdded more bindings
2005-01-30 espenAdded bindigns to GdkAtom
2004-12-20 espenAdded more bindings
2004-11-06 espenMajor cleanup of ffi abstraction layer
2004-10-31 espenAdded code for proper library initialization
2004-10-28 espenFixed small syntax error
2004-10-28 espenRetrieve root window the correct way
2001-10-21 espenUpdated for gtk+-1.3.9
2001-05-11 espenRemoved and moved out code. Changed DEFINE-FOREIGNs...
2000-10-05 espenChanged name of double linked list type to glist.
2000-10-01 espenRemoved :colors initarg from initialize-instance for...
2000-09-04 espenpixmap-create now accepts a vector of strings
2000-08-23 espenChanged the alloc argument to translate-from-alien...
2000-08-14 espenInitial revision