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Added new type UNBOXED-VECTOR
[clg] / cairo /
2008-01-10 espenAdded new function VERSION
2008-01-10 espenBug fix
2008-01-02 espenUsing EXPORT-FROM-SYSTEM to autoexport symbols
2007-12-02 espenBug fixes/new slot in definition of CONTEXT
2007-10-31 espenFixed broken FONT-EXTENTS binding
2007-10-19 espenAdded functions to copy paths
2007-10-16 espenBug fixes and a couple of new functions
2007-09-07 espenBug fix in SCALE-TO-DEVICE
2007-08-23 espenFixed typo and removed unnecessary function declaration
2007-06-20 espenUsing pkg-libdir to get library path
2007-06-18 espenWin32 patch applied
2007-06-04 espenAdded missing surface types
2007-04-06 espenAdded optional NEGATIVE-P argument to function CIRCLE
2007-02-19 espenAdded support for different kind of surfaces and variou...
2007-02-19 espenChanged required Cairo version to 1.2
2007-01-13 espenUpdates for Cairo 1.2
2007-01-12 espenInherit from REF-COUNTED-OBJECT
2007-01-11 espenVarious enhancements and minor bug fixes
2007-01-11 espenAdded package nickname CR
2006-12-24 espenAdded PKG-CONFIG to package use list
2006-12-24 espenClg-tools now loaded with ASDF
2006-12-24 espenAdded then function NEW-SUB-PATH and some ,inor API...
2006-04-26 espenRequired changes
2006-04-26 espenAdded GFFI to the list of used packages
2006-04-25 espenAdded gffi to the list of required modules
2006-02-09 espenAdded ALLOCATE-FOREIGN methods
2006-02-08 espenChanged to use settable FOREIGN-LOCATION
2006-02-07 espenBug fix
2005-11-15 espenSmall bug fix
2005-11-10 espenInitial checkin