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gtk/gtk.lisp: Apparently when you ask for a stock Button, you get a Bin.
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2013-03-22 Mark Woodinggtk/gtk.lisp: Apparently when you ask for a stock Butto... master
2013-03-22 Mark Woodinggtk/gtk.lisp: Make (dialog-run) return the response...
2008-11-25 espenBug fix
2008-11-19 espenFixed return type for COMBO-BOX-GET-ACTIVE-TEXT
2008-11-04 espenUpdated to work with recent versions of SLIME
2008-10-08 espenAdded bindings for GtkTooltip
2008-05-06 espenRemoved circular object references in signal handler...
2008-04-14 espenFixed argument type in definition of %WINDOW-SET-DEFAUL...
2008-04-10 espenVersion number bumped to 0.94. Minor bug fix.
2008-03-20 espenFixed broken URL
2008-02-29 espenReintroduced SERVE-EVENT based asynchronous event handl...
2008-01-11 espenMade initialization work on systmes with SWANK which...
2008-01-10 espenBug fix for COLOR-SELECTION
2008-01-02 espenAdded new binding ENTRY-COMPLETION-GET-COMPLETION-PREFIX
2007-12-30 espenAdded warning when *SLIME-REPL-EVAL-HOOKS* is missing...
2007-11-01 espenCAN-DEFAULT implicit set to T by DIALOG-ADD-ACTION...
2007-10-17 espenAdded some Gtk+ 2.12 bindings
2007-09-06 espenMulti-threading bug fix
2007-08-20 espenFixed wrong foreign function name
2007-07-12 espenAdded warning about API change
2007-07-12 espenBug fix
2007-07-12 espenFixed some flaws in the dialog and message-dialog widgets
2007-07-10 espenReturn type for ACCEL-GROUPS-FROM-OBJECT corrected
2007-07-05 espenAdded bindings to GtkAssistant
2007-06-25 espenAdded missing widget argument to WINDOW-SET-GEOMETRY...
2007-06-20 espenFixed problem cause by SB-UNIX:UNIX-FAST-SELECT returni...
2007-06-20 espenImproved support for multiple display connections
2007-06-19 espenChanges to initialization/event handling
2007-06-04 espenUpdate for SBCL 1.0.6
2007-06-01 espenFixed some portability issues
2007-05-10 espenImproved handling of multiple displays and some other...
2007-01-14 espenAdded some Gtk+ 2.10 stuff
2007-01-14 espenAdded missing defgenrics
2007-01-07 espenAdded args argument to COMPUTE-SIGNAL-FUNCTION
2006-09-14 espenBug fix
2006-09-13 espenChanges to the init functions
2006-06-30 espenVersion number changed to 0.93
2006-04-26 espenRemoved duplicated definition
2006-04-26 espenMinor changes
2006-04-25 espenAdded multi-threading support
2006-04-10 espenClg version changed to 0.92.1
2006-02-28 espenDefgenerics added to get rid of a few style-warnings
2006-02-27 espenVersion number increased to 0.92
2006-02-26 espenAdded definitions for rc files, settings, plug and...
2006-02-26 espenStock item bindings updated to Gtk+ 2.8
2006-02-26 espenAdded PRINT-OBJECT method for widget class and som...
2006-02-19 espenC callbacks cleaned up and ported to new API
2006-02-16 espenSignaling error in clg-init if running SBCL in Slime...
2006-02-09 espenAdded ALLOCATE-FOREIGN method
2006-02-08 espenChanged to use of settable FOREIGN-LOCATION
2006-02-08 espenRemoved duplicate definition
2006-02-06 espenFixed ref counting problem when reading the icon-list...
2006-02-04 espenCode clean up
2005-11-15 espenBug fix
2005-10-21 espenChanged version number
2005-09-26 espenAdded bindings for Gtk 2.8
2005-04-25 espenNew function CLG-VERSION
2005-04-24 espenAdded more bindings to accel-group and accel-map
2005-04-23 espenChanged to MIT license
2005-04-19 espenUnified API for all types of radio objects.
2005-04-17 espenAdded initarg :pattern to label
2005-03-13 espenAPI changes to message-dialog
2005-02-27 espenBug fix
2005-02-26 espenAdded bindings for pointer grabbing
2005-02-25 espenChanged arguments to SPIN-BUTTON-SPIN
2005-02-22 espenClean up of signal connecting and some other things
2005-02-10 espenSmall bug fix
2005-02-04 espenFixes for Gtk 2.6
2005-02-03 espenChanges required by SBCL
2005-01-13 espenUpdated bindings to accel group
2005-01-12 espenMore widgets compoleted
2005-01-06 espenNew toolbar API
2004-12-29 espenBindings to lots of widgets updated and completed
2004-12-26 espenBindings for window and window-group completed
2004-12-21 espenAdded bindings to message dialog widget
2004-12-20 espenDialog widget updated
2004-12-20 espenAdding bindings to entry completion
2004-12-20 espenPaned widget updated
2004-12-20 espenAdding DRAWING-AREA-GET-SIZE
2004-12-16 espenSome small changes and additions
2004-12-04 espenAdded more functions for stock items and a few other...
2004-11-21 espenBug fix
2004-11-19 espenAdded pseudo type COPY-OF
2004-11-07 espenReplaced deprecated widgets combo and option-menu with...
2004-11-07 espenAdded abstraction layer for C callback functions
2004-11-06 espenMajor cleanup of ffi abstraction layer
2004-11-03 espenCallbacks from C done properly
2004-10-31 espenUpdated for CMUCL 19a and glib-2.4. Lots of improvements
2002-04-02 espenLots of widgets updated
2002-03-25 espenUpdated/added bindings for label class
2002-03-24 espenUpdated/added bindings for window class
2002-03-24 espenUpdated dialog class
2002-03-24 espenInhibit compiler warnings
2001-11-12 espenA lot of binding changes
2001-10-21 espenUpdated for gtk+-1.3.9 and misc changes
2001-05-31 espenUpdated for gtk+ 1.3.5
2001-01-28 espenRemoved code for deprecated tree widget
2000-10-05 espenMore widgets made working, numerous improvements
2000-09-04 espenReintroduced a huge amount of bindings
2000-08-14 espenInitial revision