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Fix compilation for Gtk with the new, stricter inheritance
[clg] / gffi / proxy.lisp
2007-12-11 espenBug fix in callback-wrapper
2007-06-20 espenRemoved incorrect comment
2007-05-10 espenGot rid of a warning in CLISP
2007-04-06 espenRemoved obsolete TODO comment
2007-01-12 espenNew class REF-COUNTED-OBJECT
2006-09-29 espenWeak hash tables used to map lisp objects to alien...
2006-08-16 espenMore improvements to virtual slot access
2006-08-16 espenUpdates for SBCL 0.9.14 and 0.9.15
2006-06-08 espenImproved alignment of struct slots
2006-04-25 espenInitial checkin of CLISP port, code from glib/proxy...