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Fix compilation for Gtk with the new, stricter inheritance
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2008-01-02 espenUsing EXPORT-FROM-SYSTEM to autoexport symbols
2007-06-18 espenWin32 patch applied
2007-06-06 espenImproved support for multiple OS platforms
2006-08-30 espenLibrary extensions not hard coded any more
2006-04-25 espenAdded gffi to the list of required modules
2006-04-25 espenAdded GFFI to the list of used packages
2005-04-23 espenChanged to MIT license
2005-02-03 espenChanges required by SBCL
2004-11-06 espenMajor cleanup of ffi abstraction layer
2004-10-31 espenLoading of shared library doen by defsystem
2004-10-27 espenAdded loading of shared library
2004-10-27 espenRenamed to export.lisp
2004-10-27 espenRenamed to defpackage.lisp
2004-10-27 espenRenamed from atk-export.lisp
2004-10-27 espenRenamed from atk-package.lisp
2004-10-27 espenInitial checkin
2002-03-19 espenUpdated for atk 1.0
2002-01-20 espenInitial checkin