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GTK also required when using CLISP
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4cbcd094 1This package contains Common Lisp bindings to GTK+ v2.x. It currently
127f34b4 2works with CMUCL 19, SBCL 0.9 and CLISP. Ports to other CL
4cbcd094 3implementations may be added later.
560af5c5 4
6New versions
4cbcd094 9The most recent version of this package can be downloaded from
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14Build instructions
b56b4e4a 171. If you are using a version of SBCL without native callback support
18 you need to upgrade or add third party callback code. The following
127f34b4 19 instructions of how to add callback support, are borrowed
b56b4e4a 20 from the Common Music installation guide:
792ab9c7 21
22 1. Download Thomas Burdick's Alien Function package╣ and restore it
23 to a directory on your machine.
24 2. Compile the Alien Function package and save a new sbcl.core image:
26 $ cd sbcl-af
27 $ sbcl --load "system"
28 * (sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die "/tmp/sbcl.core")
29 $ cd /usr/local/lib/sbcl
30 $ cp sbcl.core sbcl.core.orig
31 $ mv /tmp/sbcl.core .
17bf3fff 34 ╣ A slightly modified version which works with SBCL 0.8.21 or newer
35 could be found at
560af5c5 37
af2d02f4 38
4cbcd094 392. Set up paths to match your system:
af2d02f4 40
792ab9c7 41 - Add a logical-pathname-translation to the clg root directory in
4cbcd094 42 ~/.cmucl-init.lisp, ~/.sbclrc or some other startup file, like
43 this:
af2d02f4 44
f00b458d 45 (setf
46 (logical-pathname-translations "clg")
47 '(("**;*.*.*" "/home/espen/src/clg/**/")))
792ab9c7 49 - Set the correct pkg-config search path if your Gtk+ installation
f00b458d 50 is in an unusual place, by adding it to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
51 environment variable before starting lisp.
792ab9c7 53 - Make sure ASDF finds the system definition files:
4cbcd094 54
961f051e 55 (push
127f34b4 56 (translate-logical-pathname "clg:systems;")
57 asdf:*central-registry*)
4cbcd094 59
60 When checking out of CVS also do the following:
61 $ cd <clg toplevel>
62 $ mkdir systems && cd systems
63 $ find .. -name '*.asd' -exec ln -s {} . \;
f00b458d 64
663. Compile and load the system:
68 (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :gtk)
17bf3fff 70 In CMUCL 19a this will fail with:
f00b458d 71
72 Error in function KERNEL::%REDEFINE-DEFSTRUCT:
73 Redefining class PCL::SLOT-INFO incompatibly with the current definition.
792ab9c7 75 Just accept the redefinition (restart 1) to continue building or
305588d5 76 loading. To avoid doing this every time clg is loaded, compile
77 and load glib/pcl.lisp in newly started CMUCL process and save a
17bf3fff 78 new core image.
792ab9c7 79
80 If you are running SBCL with Slime you need to put the following
4cbcd094 81 in ~/.swank.lisp to prevent Slime from spawning multiple
82 threads, since GTK+ is not really thread safe:
792ab9c7 83
84 #+sbcl(setq swank:*communication-style* :fd-handler)
af2d02f4 85
127f34b4 86 CLISP needs to be started with the option '-ansi' for clg to
87 compile and load.
af2d02f4 89
904. If everything worked, try (load "hello-world") to see a small
f00b458d 91 window pop up, and then run testgtk.lisp in the example directory.
af2d02f4 93
af2d02f4 94
792ab9c7 95Guidelines for using the GTK+ API documentation
98Here are some brief guidelines for using the GTK+ API documentation. A
4cbcd094 99lot of (both intentional and unintentional) inconsistencies exists,
100so it is also wise to check the source code.
792ab9c7 101
102- library prefixes are stripped from all symbols
ecb68777 104- object properties should be available as virtual slots. A lot of
105 "missing" properties are manually defined as slots. Slots may be read
106 only or write only, but there later type are generally only
107 defined automatically through introspection
792ab9c7 109- the get/set part are removed from regular accessors, but retained
110 in functions which set or retrieve multiple values
560af5c5 111
792ab9c7 112- predicate functions follow the normal convention of ending
113 with '-P'
560af5c5 114
792ab9c7 115- if there are multiple similar named functions which only differ in
116 the type of argument they accept, only one function accepting any
117 kind of valid argument types is provided
560af5c5 118
792ab9c7 119- there are no gtk_*_new functions, use MAKE-INSTANCE to create widgets
792ab9c7 121- use CHILD-PROPERTY-VALUE or automatically defined accessors to
122 access child properties
124- use STYLE-PROPERTY-VALUE to access style properties
126- the only function used to connect signals is SIGNAL-CONNECT
792ab9c7 131Send comments and patches to or