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descriptionConway's Life displayed with SAA5050 ("MODE 7") smoothing, for Golly.
ownerJacob Nevins
last changeSat, 18 Jan 2014 17:19:40 +0000 (17:19 +0000)

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life which is displayed according to a generalisation of the smoothing algorithm used by the Mullard SAA5050 (BBC "MODE 7").

The smoothing is derived from Ben Harris' Bedstead font generator. The idea of applying this to Life is the fault of Simon Tatham.

This is implemented as a rule file for Golly, since that can include both custom rules and custom icons for cell states in a rules file. Since it uses the new rule format, it requires at least Golly 2.5; it would however be fairly easy to produce a version that worked with older Golly.

To play with it, you just need Bedbugs.rule -- almost everything else is machinery for generating that. Detailed instructions are at the top of the file.

2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsCorrect URL and add it to output master
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsSmoothed state colours now correct if zoomed out
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsUpdate generated Bedbugs.rule after previous
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsUsage documentation in Bedbugs.rule
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsMissing dependency
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsAutomate creation of Bedbugs.rule
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsComments, licensing, etc
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsAutomate existing automatic steps with Makefile
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsAnimated GIF Golly screenshot (manually generated)
2014-01-18 Jacob NevinsInitial just-about-works completely shonky version
2014-01-18 tim_huttonPristine make-ruletable.cpp from upstream golly
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