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slic3r with z offset
[reprap-play.git] / slic3r-config.ini
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonslic3r with z offset
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonkeep some of our own settings
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonslic3r defaults
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config: put skirts back
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksoncalib-fit for debug slic3r
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonfor thin wall box 5573 as printed
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonbiscuits as printed
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonrestore skirt distance
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonbracket as printed - NB changed bed temperature and...
2012-07-29 Ian Jacksonsettings for today's prints so far
2012-07-22 Ian Jacksonconfig: fix comment
2012-07-22 Ian Jacksonconfig files which seem to work