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2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringmechanisms: add mechanisms to change system locale...
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: make a couple of files we write atomic
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringservice: check whether sysv scripts where changed
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringdbus: introduce UnsetAndSetEnvironment()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: return errno in close_nointr()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement D-Bus properties
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringdbus: add api for append gid/uid properties
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringudev: simplify udev rules a bit
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: unlink state files when stopping
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement GC
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: add fopen_temporary()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement ACL management
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: split up logind.h
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: first version that compiles fine
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: move string enum mapping to the end
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: add pipe_eof()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringenglish: s/_per_/_by_/
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: introduce dirent_is_file()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringhostnamed: split dbus initialization into a separate...
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringdbus: make bus_flags_to_events() and friends generally...
2011-06-20 Lennart Poetteringmanager: include full systemctl status command line...
2011-06-20 Ville Skyttäsystemctl: Add SYSTEMD_PAGER for setting the pager...
2011-06-20 Ville Skyttäman: Documentation spelling fixes
2011-06-20 Ville Skyttäbash: Add host, privileged, and no-pager bash option...
2011-06-20 William Douglassd-daemon: Add sd_is_special for special file descriptors
2011-06-20 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-06-20 Michal Vyskocilmain: Fix a typo emergency shall->emergency shell
2011-06-16 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: prepare new release v29
2011-06-15 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-06-15 Michal Schmidtpam-module: add debug= parameter
2011-06-15 Lennart Poetteringman: clarify os-release in regards to spaces a bit
2011-06-15 Jim Meyeringsystemctl: plug a leak upon create_symlink mismatch
2011-06-15 Alexey Shabalinsystemctl: enable chkconfig support in systemctl for...
2011-06-15 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: local-fs, remote-fs and swap are active...
2011-06-15 Lennart Poetteringexecute: fix function prototype
2011-06-15 Lennart Poetteringdbus: fix name of capability property
2011-06-14 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: fix build
2011-06-14 Michal Schmidtsystemctl: fix a FILE* leak
2011-06-14 Michal Schmidtsystemctl: fix 'is-enabled' for native units under...
2011-06-14 Tom do not order after
2011-06-14 Kay Sieversmount /run without MS_NOEXEC
2011-06-10 Michal Schmidtreadahead-common: fix total memory size detection
2011-06-09 Frederic Crozatenable chkconfig support in systemctl for openSUSE
2011-06-06 Michal Schmidtselinux: selinuxfs can be mounted on /sys/fs/selinux
2011-06-06 Michal Schmidtcryptsetup-generator: fix /etc/cryptsetup options
2011-06-05 Michal Schmidtsystemctl: fix double unref of a dbus message
2011-05-27 Ozan Çağlayanexec: Fix number of unit types
2011-05-26 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: prepare v28 v28
2011-05-26 Kay Sieverssd-daemon: remove superfluous _sd_hidden_ from static...
2011-05-25 Kay Sieversdrop hwclock-save.service
2011-05-25 Michal Schmidtdbus-common: fix segfault when a DBus message has no...
2011-05-25 William Swansonman: update the list of unit search locations
2011-05-25 Lennart Poetteringreadahead: explain that it is safe to ignore EACCES
2011-05-25 Harald Hoyerreadahead-collect: ignore EACCES for fanotify
2011-05-24 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-05-24 Kay Sieversrtc in localtime: use settimeofday(NULL, tz) instead...
2011-05-24 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-05-23 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-05-21 Lennart Poetteringsocket: expose mq params in introspection data
2011-05-21 Kay Sieversbus_property_append_long: use signed long and 'x' in...
2011-05-20 Kay Sieverssocket: always use SO_{RCV,SND}BUFFORCE to allow larger...
2011-05-20 Lennart Poetteringutil: use new VT ESC sequence to clear scrollback buffer
2011-05-20 Kay Sieverssd-daemon: move _sd_hidden_ from .h to .c file
2011-05-20 Kay Sieversmissing: add IP_TRANSPARENT
2011-05-20 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: prepare new release 27 v27
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringutil: use open_terminal() in chvt() too
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringsocket: expose SO_BROADCAST
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringgit: add .mailmap
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringexec: expose tty reset options in dbus introspection...
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringsocket: expose IP_TRANSPARENT
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringexec: hangup/reset/deallocate VTs in gettys
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringsocket: use 666 socket mode by default since neither...
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringsocket: add POSIX mqueue support
2011-05-17 Lennart PoetteringREADME: document relation to nss-myhostname
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringhostnamed: check that nss-myhostname is installed
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-05-16 Ludwig Nusselsysctl: apply /etc/sysctl.conf last
2011-05-16 Koen Kooisystemd-analyze: print hostname, kernelversion and...
2011-05-16 Lennart Poetteringpam: downgrade a few log msgs
2011-05-12 Lennart Poetteringhostnamed: SetPrettyHostname() should check PK action...
2011-05-10 Lennart Poetteringuser-sessions: ignore EROFS when unlinking /etc/nologin...
2011-05-10 Michael Olbrichbuild-sys: create dbussystemservicedir
2011-05-09 Paul Menzelutil: include `stdarg.h`
2011-05-09 Koen Kooibuild-sys: Angstrom support
2011-05-09 Miklos Vajnaunits: Enable plymouth for Frugalware
2011-05-09 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-05-05 Lennart Poetteringunit: make ignoring in snapshots a per unit property...
2011-05-03 Lennart Poetteringvconsole: use open_terminal() instead of open()
2011-05-03 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-05-02 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2011-05-02 Lennart Poetteringunits: enable automount units only if the kernel suppor...
2011-05-01 Kay Sieverssysctl: correct /usr/local/lib path
2011-04-30 Kay Sieversbinfmt, modules-load, sysctl, tmpfiles: add missing...
2011-04-30 Kay Sieversbinfmt, modules-load, sysctl, tmpfiles: read /usr/local...
2011-04-30 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: prepare release 26 v26
2011-04-30 Lennart Poetteringplymouth: introduce plymouth.enable=0 kernel command...
2011-04-30 Lennart Poetteringutil: don't AND cx with cx
2011-04-29 Tollef Fog... man: typo in sd_daemon reference
2011-04-28 Kay Sieversutil: conf_files_list() return list as parameter