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2005-04-27 chris_friesen... [PATCH] udevd race conditions and performance, assorted...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] udevinfo patch
2005-04-27 atul.sabharwal... [PATCH] Add README for chassis_id
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix SEGV in libsysfs/dlist.c
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up chassis_id coding style.
2005-04-27 atul.sabharwal... [PATCH] Add chassis_id program to extras directory
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up the OSDL document formatting a bit
2005-04-27[PATCH] add OSDL documentation for persistent naming
2005-04-27[PATCH] add netlink rules to devfs and gentoo rules...
2005-04-27[PATCH] added USB device rules to rules files.
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up the gentoo rules file a bit more,...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix up udev.rules to handle oss rules better.
2005-04-27[PATCH] 023_bk mark
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] dev_d.c file sorting and cleanup
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] apply all_partitions rule to main block device...
2005-04-27 md@Linux.IT[PATCH] small fix
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix udev.spec file for where udevtest should...
2005-04-27[PATCH] v023 release 023
2005-04-27[PATCH] create the /etc/dev.d/ directories in 'make...
2005-04-27[PATCH] actually have udev run files ending in .dev...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] hmm, handle net devices with udev?
2005-04-27[PATCH] added RFC-dev.d document detailing how /etc...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fixed up udev.spec to handle selinux stuff...
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove USE_DBUS and USE_SELINUX flags from...
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove selinux stuff from the main Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] move udev_selinux into extras/selinux
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix dbus build in the udev.spec file.
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove dbus stuff from main Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] move udev_dbus to extras/dbus
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev_dbus can now compile properly, but linnkin...
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove udev_dbus.h from Makefile
2005-04-27[PATCH] first cut at standalone udev_selinux program.
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove selinux support from udev core as it...
2005-04-27[PATCH] first cut at standalone udev_dbus program.
2005-04-27[PATCH] add get_devnode() helper to udev_lib for udev_d...
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove dbus code from core udev code as it...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add /etc/dev.d/ support for udev add and remove...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix build error in namedev.c caused by previous...
2005-04-27 dsteklof@us... [PATCH] udevinfo patch
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] correct apply_format() for symlink only rules
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] don't init namedev on remove
2005-04-27[PATCH] uninitialized variable for mknod and friend
2005-04-27[PATCH] 022_bk tag
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix 'make spotless' to really do that in klibc.
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] first stupid try for a rule compose gui
2005-04-27[PATCH] add a question/answer about automounting usb...
2005-04-27 rgooch@ras... [PATCH] SCSI logical and physical names for udev
2005-04-27[PATCH] Increase the name size as requested by Richard...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix udevtest to build properly after the big...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] replace fgets() with mmap() and introduce udev_...
2005-04-27[PATCH] Trivial man page typo fixes to udev
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] make udevtest a real program :)
2005-04-27[PATCH] 022 release 022
2005-04-27[PATCH] make spotless
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix HOWTO-udev_for_dev for udevdir
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] cleanup
2005-04-27[PATCH] add big major tests to
2005-04-27[PATCH] add a test for a minor over 255
2005-04-27[PATCH] print out major:minor and perm...
2005-04-27[PATCH] make perm and major:minor test errors be report...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] add dev node test to
2005-04-27[PATCH] remove extra ; in namedev_parse.c
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev* segfaults with new klibc
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix a type in docs/libsysfs.txt
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] add permission tests
2005-04-27[PATCH] more Libsysfs updates
2005-04-27[PATCH] Libsysfs updates
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] "symlink only" test
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] callout part selector tweak
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] cleanup callout fork
2005-04-27[PATCH] Added multipath-tools 0.1.1 release
2005-04-27[PATCH] deleted current extras/multipath directory
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] allow to specify node permissions in the rule
2005-04-27[PATCH] Added line to udev.permissions.redhat
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] man page beauty
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] put symlink only rules to the man page
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] rename strn*() macros to strmax
2005-04-27 md@Linux.IT[PATCH] udevstart fixes
2005-04-27[PATCH] Include more examples in the docs area for...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] conditional remove of trailing sysfs whitespace
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] clarify udevinfo text
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] better fix for NAME="foo-%c{N}" gets a truncate...
2005-04-27[PATCH] Small fix to remove extra "will" in man page
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] overall trivial trivial cleanup
2005-04-27 patmans@us... [PATCH] add tests for NAME="foo-%c{N}"
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] fix NAME="foo-%c{N}" gets a truncated name
2005-04-27[PATCH] 021_bk mark
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix the build for older versions of gcc
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] cleanup mult field string handling
2005-04-27[PATCH] 021 release 021
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix udev.spec to find udevinfo now that it...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] install udevinfo in /usr/bin
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] blacklist pcmcia_socket
2005-04-27[PATCH] Fix another problem with Makefile installing...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix the Makefile to install the init script...
2005-04-27[PATCH] make spec file turn off selinux support by...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 020 release 020
2005-04-27[PATCH] update the TODO list as we already have a devfs...
2005-04-27[PATCH] make start_udev use udevstart binary
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] man page udevstart