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2012-01-29 Kay Sieversrelease 180 180
2012-01-29 Kay Sieversdo not stop rule processing when device node is no...
2012-01-26 Kay Sieversbuiltin: blkid - add missing ID_ prefix for PART_ENTRY_...
2012-01-25 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: we need to install shipped man pages without...
2012-01-24 Kay SieversMakefile: update hooks
2012-01-24 Kay Sieversrelease 179 179
2012-01-24 Kay Sieversfix path to extras
2012-01-24 Kay Sieversuse sysname() for devices without a device node
2012-01-24 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: enable everything for 'make distcheck'
2012-01-23 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2012-01-23 Kay Sieversmove variable inside condition
2012-01-23 Kay Sieversprint warning when rules try to rename kernel device...
2012-01-23 Kay Sieversuse devnode() for $name not sysname(), device nodes...
2012-01-22 Kay Sieversfix some fallout from tab removal
2012-01-21 Kay Sieversrelease 178 178
2012-01-21 Kay Sieverslibudev: do not set DEVNAME= twice
2012-01-21 Kay Sieverswarn about deprecated RUN+="socket:" use
2012-01-21 Kay Sieversrules: rtc - point /dev/rtc symlink to 'hctosys' device
2012-01-18 Kay SieversMakefile: switch from .asc to .sign
2012-01-18 Martin Pittkeymap: Add Alienware M14xR1
2012-01-18 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix keyboard brightness keys on Samsung 700Z...
2012-01-18 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix eject button on Samsung 700Z series
2012-01-18 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix rfkill button on Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook
2012-01-18 Kay Sieversudevd: kill hanging event processes after 30 seconds
2012-01-16 Kay Sieversbuiltin: blkid - add missing ID_ prefix
2012-01-12 Kay SieversMakefile: update doc hooks for kup
2012-01-12 Evan Nemersongudev: several minor introspection fixes
2012-01-12 Kay Sieversrelease 177 177
2012-01-12 Kay Sieversrule_generator: use += for dist_udevhome_DATA
2012-01-12 Kay Sieversrule_generator: fix to install rules in rules.d/
2012-01-11 Kay SieversMakefile: update sign and upload hook
2012-01-11 Kay Sieversrelease 176 176
2012-01-11 Kay Sieversman: mention that no daemons should be started by udev
2012-01-10 Kay Sieversfix compiler warning
2012-01-10 Kay Sieverscdrom_id: int -> bool
2012-01-10 Kay Sieversadd .vimrc
2012-01-10 Kay Sieversfix debug message
2012-01-10 Kay makedev() misteriously breaks with -O0...
2012-01-10 Kay Sieverstabs are as useful as a hole in the head
2012-01-09 Kay Sieversadd test/src to .gitignore
2012-01-09 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: try to build without installed xsltproc
2012-01-09 Kay add CFLAGS and print entire line, so that...
2012-01-09 Lucas De Marchibuiltin: kmod - log if modules are blacklisted
2012-01-09 Kay Sieversdoc: fix out of tree build (copy from libkmod)
2012-01-09 Kay Sieversrules: delete arch specific rules
2012-01-06 Kay Sieversreplace unpacked sysfs test tree 'test/sys/' with packe...
2012-01-06 Kay Sieversmerge udev/, libudev/, systemd/ files in src/; move...
2012-01-05 Kay enable git pre-commit
2012-01-05 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: use --libexecdir=/usr/lib instead of /usr...
2012-01-05 Kay Sieversrequire kmod >= 3
2012-01-05 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: use use ${ac_default_prefix}
2012-01-02 Mike Frysingerhwdb: drop useless line freeing
2012-01-02 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - hook up kmod_validate_resources()
2012-01-01 Kay Sieversremove mknod() logic and rely on 'devtmpfs'
2012-01-01 Kay Sieverssystemd: rename PassCred= to PsssCredentials=
2011-12-28 Kay Sieversupdate README
2011-12-28 Kay Sieversudevd: remove TIMEOUT= handling
2011-12-27 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - switch to kmod_module_probe_insert_module()
2011-12-27 Kay Sieversbuiltin: move usb-db, pci-db to builtins
2011-12-27 Kay Sieversudevd: always create runtime dir
2011-12-27 Kay Sieversmove rules dirs to udev context; replace inotify with...
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversupdate NEWS
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversmake: introduce --with-rootprefix=
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - hook up udev main logging to libkmod
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversbuiltin: firmware - add missing file
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversbuiltin: firmware - move 'firmware' tool to builtins
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversupdate NEWS
2011-12-25 Kay Sieversinvalidate rules and kmod index with 'udevadm control...
2011-12-24 Kay Sieversbuiltin: rename load()/unload() to init()/exit()
2011-12-24 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - reload index when rules are reloaded
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversadd copyright
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - link against libkmod
2011-12-23 Kay moce CFLAGS from to; print...
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversupdate NEWS
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversremove last sbindir use
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuiltin: apply format string
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversrules: do not preprocess 80-drivers.rules + 75-probe_mt...
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuiltin: kmod - switch modprobe to builtin
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuiltin: blkid - add missing ID_FS_USAGE
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuiltin: blkid - add missing newline
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuildsys: disable tar.gz
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversrules: do not preprocess 60-persistent-storage.rules
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversrules: switch to built-in blkid
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversupdate blkid builtin
2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuild argv[] for builtin commands
2011-12-22 Alan Stern[PATCH[ udev: ata_id: Fix length of INQUIRY command
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversadd builtin load/unload initializers
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversprepare builtins for blkid and kmod
2011-12-21 Luis Felipe... Switch spawn_read to void and remove useless stores...
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversmake: do not (mis-)use the config file generator, creat...
2011-12-20 Ville Skyttäman: spelling fix
2011-12-14 Kay Sieversconfigure: fix typo
2011-12-05 Kay Sieversuse libexecdir, bindir, sbindir, switch to /usr/lib...
2011-12-05 Kay Sieverssystemd: use PassCred=yes
2011-12-05 Kay Sieversrename 'init' directory to 'systemd'
2011-11-29 Martin Pitt75-persistent-net-generator.rules: Add Xen
2011-11-22 Kay Sieversman: clarify 'config file stack'
2011-11-22 Kay Sieversdo not ship in the tarball
2011-11-21 Sjoerd Simonskeymap: Add Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Tablet
2011-11-08 Kay Sieverslibudev: print log_fn address instead of ctx when setti...