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2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - split connection to sockets from...
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenrtnl: complain if used after fork
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenrtnl: introduce default timeout
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - use safe_atou instead of strtoul
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - use zero instead of memset
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - use proper return values
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - use new0 instead of calloc
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenrtnl: use malloc0 instead of calloc
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenrtnl: use _cleanup_ macro more
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - use _cleanup_ macro locally
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenpath_check_timestamp: only keep the most recent timestamp
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersensd-rtnl: minor fixes
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - add proper parsing
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenconf-parser: add macro for ENUMV
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersenudev: builtin - rename net_link to net_setup_link
2013-10-29 Tom Gundersennetwork: move configuration to /etc/systemd/network
2013-10-29 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... journalctl: add --list-boots to show boot IDs and times
2013-10-28 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2013-10-28 David StraussUpdate socket proxy name in TODO. Reformat to list.
2013-10-28 Tom Gundersenudev: don't mix static and dynamic libs
2013-10-28 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - add mac address policy
2013-10-28 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix stuck keys on Lenovo IdeaPad Z370
2013-10-28 Martin Pittkeymap: Reorder IdeaPad rules
2013-10-28 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - move naming policy from udev rules
2013-10-27 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config - sanity check the ifname and mac...
2013-10-27 Tom Gundersenrtnl: relax the tests a bit
2013-10-27 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config: add rtnl support
2013-10-27 Tom Gundersenlibsystemd-rtnl: add a rtnetlink library
2013-10-27 Daniel Buchtest-strv.c: added STRV_FOREACH and STRV_FOREACH_BACKWARDS
2013-10-27 Daniel Buchpath_lookup: moved _cleanup_lookup_paths_free_ from...
2013-10-26 Tom Gundersenudev: link-config: add ethtool support
2013-10-26 Tom Gundersenudev: add network link configuration tool
2013-10-26 Tom GundersenSTRV_FOREACH_BACKWARDS: improve readability a bit
2013-10-26 Dave Reisnerupdate gitignore
2013-10-26 Tom Gundersenudev-builtin: path_id - add support for bcma bus
2013-10-26 Tom Gundersenudev: move udev_rules_check_timestamp to shared
2013-10-26 Tom GundersenSTRV_FOREACH_BACWARDS: start at the tail of the list
2013-10-26 Thomas Hindoe... typo fix in comment
2013-10-25 Thomas Hindoe... analyze: port to sd-bus
2013-10-25 Kay Sieversbus: disable debug output in test-bus-kernel-benchmark
2013-10-24 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... catalog: remove links to non-existent wiki pages
2013-10-23 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... systemd: use unit name in PrivateTmp directories
2013-10-22 Tom Gunderseninhibit: port to sd-bus
2013-10-22 Kay Sieversanalyze: systemd-analyze.c -> analyze.c
2013-10-22 Lennart Poetteringbus: NULL signatures are OK too
2013-10-22 Lennart Poetteringbus: only if the user tries to read over the end of...
2013-10-22 Kay Sieverslocaled: port from libdbus to libsystemd-bus
2013-10-22 David Strausssocket-proxyd: Fix-up from previous change to avoid...
2013-10-22 Kay Sieversbus: avoid 'bool' storage when retrieving 'b' from...
2013-10-22 David Strausssocket-proxyd: Use ONESHOT to behave properly with...
2013-10-22 Jan Engelhardtman: avoid the use of sudo in examples
2013-10-22 Jan Engelhardtman: wording and grammar updates
2013-10-22 David Strausssd-event: EPOLLONESHOT only disables event reporting...
2013-10-21 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... shell-completion: dump has moved to systemd-analyze
2013-10-21 Thomas Hindoe... analyze: set white backgound
2013-10-21 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: sync printed defaults with "c" option
2013-10-21 Kay Sieverssilent a few more gcc warnings
2013-10-21 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE for -Og builds for now
2013-10-21 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: use -Og instead of -O0 to catch warnings
2013-10-21 Kay Sieversrules: remove pointless MODE= settings
2013-10-20 Dave Reisnersocket-proxyd(1): fix references to non-existant files
2013-10-20 Kay Sieversbus: initialize variable, now that we might skip debug...
2013-10-20 Kay Sieversbus: remove static introspection file export
2013-10-20 Kay Sieversbus: allow to specify NULL as an empty string to add
2013-10-20 Colin Walterslog: Fix previous commit to use correct level
2013-10-20 Kay Sieverslog: avoid calling the logging functions for log levels...
2013-10-20 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: unify foo_CFLAGS = usage and add explaining...
2013-10-20 Colin WaltersRevert "build-sys: move journalctl CFLAGS= to one line"
2013-10-20 Kay Sieversvimrc: disable -fdiagnostics-color output
2013-10-20 David Strausssocket-proxyd: Remove datagram research TODO. This...
2013-10-20 David Strausssocket-proxyd: Comment and log text cleanup.
2013-10-19 Kay Sieversman: systemd-fstab-generator - remove <term>
2013-10-19 Kay Sievershwdb: update
2013-10-19 Kay Sieverssocket-proxyd: initialize variable used in error code...
2013-10-19 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: move journalctl CFLAGS= to one line
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersentrivial: rfkill - don't include util.h twice
2013-10-19 Colin Walterstrivial: rfkill: It's util.h, not utils.h
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersenman: fix typos in backlight/rfkill page
2013-10-19 Tom GundersenTODO: update
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersenudev-builtin: uaccess - inherit logging form udev
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersenfsck-root: only run when requested in fstab
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersenefi-boot-generator: hookup to fsck
2013-10-19 Tom Gundersenmount/service: drop FsckPassNo support
2013-10-19 Thomas BächlerRemove FsckPassNo from systemd-fsck-root.service
2013-10-19 Thomas Bächlergpt-auto-generator: Generate explicit dependencies...
2013-10-19 Thomas Bächlerfstab-generator: Generate explicit dependencies on...
2013-10-19 Thomas Bächlerfstab-generator: When parsing the root= cmdline option...
2013-10-18 Tom Gundersenkerne-command-line: introduce option 'systemd.restore_s...
2013-10-18 Tom GundersenTODO: add some fsck items
2013-10-18 Colin Waltersbuild-sys: Honor CFLAGS for journalctl again
2013-10-18 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: fix += vs = in Makefile
2013-10-18 Lennart Poetteringbus: if we hit the end of an array container return...
2013-10-18 Tom Gundersenupdate-utmp: port to sd-bus
2013-10-18 Lennart Poetteringsocket-proxyd: rename from saproxy
2013-10-18 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: drop a number CFLAGS assignments in Makefile...
2013-10-17 Lennart Poetteringbus: automatically flush bus queue when we exit the...
2013-10-17 Tom Gunderseninitctl: port to sd-bus
2013-10-17 Tom Gundersencgroup-agent: port to sd-bus
2013-10-17 Tom Gundersenfsck: port to sd-bus
2013-10-17 Lennart Poetteringtimedated: disable debug logging