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2007-10-14 Kay Sieversrelease 116
2007-10-14 Bryan Kadzbanrules: fix typos
2007-09-25 Matthias Schwarzottrules: Gentoo update
2007-09-25 Kay Sieversrule_generator: always match netif type in generated...
2007-09-25 Kay Sieversfix debug output string
2007-09-25 Kay Sieversrules: split out and fix persistent tape rules
2007-09-25 Kay Sieversrules: call usb_id only for SUBSYSTEMS=="usb"
2007-09-24 Matthias Schwarzottrules: Gentoo update
2007-09-21 Kay Sieversrule_generator: move all policy from write_net_rules...
2007-09-21 Kay Sieversupdate README
2007-09-20 Kay Sieversfix wrong variable used in logged string
2007-09-20 Kay Sieversprevent wrong symlink creation if database disagress...
2007-09-20 Kay Sieversudevinfo: simplify symlink printing logic
2007-09-20 Harald Hoyerremove extra space from udevinfo symlink output
2007-09-19 Kay Sieversrules: add memstick module loading
2007-09-19 Kay Sieversuse SEQNUM in /dev/.udev/queue/ instead of devpath
2007-09-11 Kay Sieversignore device node names while restoring symlinks from...
2007-09-11 Harald Hoyeronly install *.rules
2007-09-11 Harald Hoyercheck line length after comment check and whitespace...
2007-09-09 Kay Sieverspath_id: fix for stacked class devices
2007-09-07 Kay Sieversrules: put bsd nodes in /dev/bsd/ directory
2007-09-06 maximilian... correct includes in udev_selinux.c
2007-08-31 Kay Sieversincrease WAIT_FOR_SYSFS timeout to 10 seconds
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversadd /dev/rtc symlink if new rtc drivers are used
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversrules: remove broken nvram group assignment without...
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversrules: do not delete /lib/udev/devices/ nodes on "remove"
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversprint warning for invalid TEST operations
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversdo not delete the device node with ignore_remove, but...
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversadd $name substitution
2007-08-29 Matthias Schwarzottrules: Gentoo update
2007-08-29 Kay Sieversvolume_id: fix linux_raid metadata version 1.0 detection
2007-08-28 Kay Sieversman: recreate man pages
2007-08-28 Kay Sieversrules: add i2o driver rule
2007-08-26 Kay Sieversrules: Gentoo update
2007-08-26 Kay Sieverstrack "move" events to rename database and failed files
2007-08-25 Kay Sieversrules: add REMOVE_CMD rule
2007-08-25 Kay Sieversrules: random and urandom are 0666
2007-08-24 Kay Sieversrules: fix two trivial typos
2007-08-24 Michael Moronyset buffer size if strlcpy/strlcat indicate truncation
2007-08-23 Kay Sieversrelease 115
2007-08-23 Kay SieversMakefile: install default rules
2007-08-23 Kay Sieversrules: update Fedora
2007-08-21 Kay Sieversrule_generator: fix wrong DRIVERS!= logic
2007-08-16 Kay Sieversdo not ignore dynamic rule if it is the last one in...
2007-08-16 Kay Sieversvolume_id: fix sqashfs detection
2007-08-16 Kay Sieversrules: add iowarrior rule
2007-08-16 Kay Sieversaccept relative path for TEST
2007-08-14 Kay Sieversedd_id: move persistent rules to its own file
2007-08-11 Kay Sieversrules: update Fedora rules
2007-08-11 Kay Sieversrules: run vol_id only for partitions
2007-08-10 Kay Sieversrules: move md-raid rules to packages dir
2007-08-10 Harald Hoyerrules: fix typo in 80-drivers.rules
2007-08-10 Kay Sieversrules: add ia64 rules
2007-08-10 Kay Sieversrules: add packages rules
2007-08-10 Kay Sieversruls: update SUSE rules
2007-08-10 Kay Sieversrules: add default rules
2007-08-07 Marco d'Itrirules: Debian update
2007-08-07 Marco d'Itrirules_generator: fix write_cd_rules when similar names...
2007-08-07 Marco d'Itrirules_generator: remove policy from write_cd_rules
2007-08-05 Kay Sieversrelease 114
2007-08-02 Matthias Schwarzottrules: Gentoo update
2007-08-02 Kay Sieverswrite changed network interface names to the kernel log
2007-08-02 Kay Sieversrules_generator: skip random MAC addresses
2007-07-31 Kay Sieversrules: Fedora update
2007-07-31 Kay Sieversrules: add "do not edit" comment
2007-07-27 Kay Sieversrules: Fedora update
2007-07-27 Kay Sieversrules: update SUSE
2007-07-27 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: trigger "driver" events
2007-07-26 Matthias Schwarzottfix inotify to work not only once
2007-07-25 Kay Sieversrules_generator: remove "installation" function
2007-07-25 Hannes Reineckerules_generator: add S/390 persistent network support
2007-07-25 Kay Sieversrestore behavior of NAME==
2007-07-25 Hannes Reineckeadd $driver subtitution
2007-07-25 Kay SieversMakefile: add --as-needed flag to ld
2007-07-24 Matthias Schwarzottrules: Gentoo update
2007-07-24 Hannes Reineckecollect: extra to synchronize actions across events
2007-07-22 Kay Sieverslibvolume_id: use /usr/$libdir in pc file
2007-07-21 Richard HughesMakefile: add "make dist" for nightly snapshots
2007-07-16 Kay Sieversallow SYMLINK== match
2007-07-15 Kay Sievershandle dynamic rules created in /dev/.udev/rules.d/
2007-07-15 Kay Sieversname_list: rename loop_name -> name_loop
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversrules: SUSE update
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversmove udev_utils_run.c into udev_rules.c
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversadd udev_rules_run() to handle RUN list
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversuse global udev_log variable instead of parameter in...
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversadd option to RUN key to ignore the return value of...
2007-07-09 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: allow to specify action string
2007-07-08 Kay Sieversvolume_id: ext4 detection
2007-07-05 Kay Sieversrules: SUSE update
2007-06-25 Kay Sieversalways unlink temporary file before creating new one
2007-06-25 Kay Sieversrules_generator: remove executable flag from include...
2007-06-23 Kay Sieversrelease 113
2007-06-23 Kay Sieversudevd: do not use syslog if --verbose (debugging) is...
2007-06-23 Kay Sieversno newline in log messages
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversallow to disable the replacement of unusual characters
2007-06-21 Kay SieversMakefile: check for missing ChangeLog or RELEASE-NOTES...
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversrules: SUSE update
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversinfo() for ignore_remove
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversdo not try to create existing file
2007-06-21 Kay Sieversatomically replace existing nodes and symlinks