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2005-04-27[PATCH] add replace test
2005-04-27[PATCH] add more sysfs test tree files.
2005-04-27[PATCH] change UDEV_SYSFS_PATH environment variable...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix bug in klibc's isspace function.
2005-04-27 dsteklof@us... [PATCH] patch for libsysfs sysfs directory handling
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix udev-add.c to build properly with older...
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] more manpage tweaks
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] add support for subdirs
2005-04-27 kay.sievers... [PATCH] add uid/gid to nodes
2005-04-27[PATCH] add prototype for ftruncate to klibc
2005-04-27[PATCH] Remove a few items from the TODO list that...
2005-04-27[PATCH] DESTDIR for udev
2005-04-27[PATCH] version number to 005_bk
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev init script
2005-04-27[PATCH] pull some klibc stuff into the make Makefile...
2005-04-27[PATCH] klibc build fixes
2005-04-27 lethal@linux... [PATCH] Fixup path for kernel includes when building...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 005 release 005
2005-04-27[PATCH] add klibc linux symlink info to the README
2005-04-27[PATCH] get 'make release' to work properly again.
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: sleep_for_dev() bits
2005-04-27[PATCH] added README info for how to build using klibc.
2005-04-27[PATCH] turn off debugging if we are building with...
2005-04-27[PATCH] turn off debugging in namedev
2005-04-27[PATCH] added vsyslog support to klibc.
2005-04-27[PATCH] add ftruncate to klibc.
2005-04-27[PATCH] klibc specific tweaks
2005-04-27[PATCH] libsysfs does not need mntent.h in it's header...
2005-04-27[PATCH] klibc makefile changes.
2005-04-27[PATCH] build tdb and libsysfs from the same makefile...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev build tweaks to tdb's spinlock code
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev-add build cleanups for other libc versions.
2005-04-27[PATCH] tweak tdb to build within udev better.
2005-04-27[PATCH] make libsysfs spit debug messages to the same...
2005-04-27[PATCH] make libsysfs build cleanly
2005-04-27[PATCH] added klibc version 0.82 (cvs tree) to the...
2005-04-27[PATCH] makefile fix for now.
2005-04-27[PATCH] hm, makefile bug with so many files... will...
2005-04-27[PATCH] regression tests starting to be added.
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix LABEL bug for device files (not class files.)
2005-04-27[PATCH] got rid of struct device_attr
2005-04-27[PATCH] rename namedev.permissions and namedev.config...
2005-04-27[PATCH] more warning flags to the build.
2005-04-27[PATCH] namedev.c comments + debug patch
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix dbg line in namedev.c
2005-04-27[PATCH] man page update
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: another canidate for static
2005-04-27[PATCH] more overrides of config info with env variable...
2005-04-27[PATCH] Fix bug causing udev to sleep forever waiting...
2005-04-27[PATCH] change version to 004_bk
2005-04-27[PATCH] make config files, sysfs root, and udev root...
2005-04-27[PATCH] 004 changelog entrys
2005-04-27[PATCH] 004 release 004
2005-04-27 dsteklof@us... [PATCH] new version of libsysfs patch
2005-04-27[PATCH] man file update
2005-04-27[PATCH] major database cleanups
2005-04-27[PATCH] Changed test.block and test.tty to take ACTION...
2005-04-27[PATCH] don't sleep if 'dev' file is already present...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix comment about how the "dev" file is made up.
2005-04-27[PATCH] more database work. Now we only store the info...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add BUS= bug to TODO list so it will not get...
2005-04-27[PATCH] man page update
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: mode should be mode_t
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: trivial trivialities
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: cool test scripts again
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev spec file symlink support
2005-04-27[PATCH] spec file changes.
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev: cool test scripts
2005-04-27[PATCH] test.block changes.
2005-04-27[PATCH] ok, rpm likes the "_" character instead of...
2005-04-27[PATCH] udev spec file bits
2005-04-27[PATCH] change the version to 003-bk to keep things...
2005-04-27[PATCH] got "remove of named devices" working.
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix segfaults when dealing with partitions.
2005-04-27[PATCH] update changelog for 003 release 003
2005-04-27[PATCH] update the spec file for the new version and...
2005-04-27[PATCH] fix makefile release rule to not drop tdb.h...
2005-04-27[PATCH] Add FAQ for udev
2005-04-27[PATCH] removed AUTHORS and INSTALL files as they were...
2005-04-27[PATCH] copyright updates.
2005-04-27[PATCH] Add AUTHORS and INSTALL files.
2005-04-27[PATCH] TODO updates
2005-04-27[PATCH] Updatd the README
2005-04-27[PATCH] updated the TODO list.
2005-04-27[PATCH] add udev man page (basically just a place holde...
2005-04-27[PATCH] added uninstall support
2005-04-27[PATCH] added install target for makefile so people...
2005-04-27[PATCH] add version to debug log on startup.
2005-04-27[PATCH] tell the user what mknod() we are trying to do.
2005-04-27[PATCH] add dbg_parse() to cut down on parse file debug...
2005-04-27[PATCH] put config files and database in /etc/udev...
2005-04-27 patmans@us... [PATCH] add callout config type to udev
2005-04-27 dsteklof@us... [PATCH] udevdb patch
2005-04-27[PATCH] clean up some debugging stuff in namedev.c
2005-04-27[PATCH] do not build the tdb binary programs, only...
2005-04-27[PATCH] print udev pid
2005-04-27 lethal@linux... [PATCH] Fix TDB cross compilation
2005-04-27[PATCH] merge tdb into the build process.
2005-04-27 dsteklof@us... [PATCH] udevdb prototype
2005-04-27[PATCH] Added tdb code from latest cvs version in the...